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I was a Fugitive From a Gang Bang

May 9, 2019

Once again the football was ripped away at the last second on another scheduled Gang Bang with 1980s superstar Keli Richards, marking the second time she apparently shined on Director Sally Forth and The 'Boys™ reported Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire.

The make-up shoot was scheduled for April 22rd and for all of HardArt's efforts they got yet another "no call, no show" from Ms Richards. There's rumblings about why is the company is still attempting to land this one gal after being dinged, not once but twice with abundant kill fees. I went right to the source, COO Jeff Sharp to ask him about his new masochistic tendencies dealing with Keli Richards.

"I wouldn't call her my white whale," said Sharp, "but I've been chasing her for a good 6 months to work with The 'Boys™. There's something to be said about a foxy 55 year old getting all of her 3 holes slammed simultaneously. Premium stuff!"

I'm hip.

Sharp ends with, "And If Keli surfaces again, I'd still jump on her back and try to ride her all the way home."

The show must go on it is said, and without exception to fill the bill for Gang Bang Girl #5, Sally found a cute 20-year-old Asian named Eva Yi. Speaking very little English and with her ever present older valet, Eva Yi gets around.

Sally with an ear to the Underground ran across a cock sucking contest held annually in Hermosa Beach. Since 2006 a very exclusive members-only cadre of people who put up crazy cash to witness and judge various categories of cock-sucking.

In the former Elks lodge hall, Eve Yi took the blue ribbon for the 2019 contest in the 'length and girth' deep throat category beating out then champ Clara Barton Hayes in the semi-final and Lovelace Johnson in the finals.

Sally approached the winner right after the trophy and cash presentations, which Eva walked away with a cool 90K.

Thought her valet/interpreter Sally learns that the two are on a continuing tour competing in similar cocksucking contests world wide. In fact she's off to Toronto for the eastern leg by the same outfit that just put this competition on. After Canada, they tip into London town.

Sally offers: "It's a great gig! Globe trotting, sucking huge cock and making bank while traveling first class the whole time."

As luck would have it Eva is still in town for one more day and is thinking about visiting Disneyland. Sally entreaties to Eva to try a Gang Bang, instead of the Anaheim visit, which fell lukewarm. Eva is really looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars attraction that is the park's latest E ticket attraction.

Sally thinking on her feet, shifts gears and builds up The 'Boys™ with Herculean adjectives appealing to Eva's competitive nature. Sally looking at her, the Valet standing on her left side translating, as quickly as Sally is shoveling.

Sally wouldn't go as far as to call someone chicken but Eva Yi took the bait and agreed to take on The 'Boys™. Telling the Valet in soft Mandarin, something to the effect, that they'll catch the Star War thing next time through. Terms and remuneration were agreed upon, scene info was also exchanged. Game on.

Sally moved fast, contacting Sharp and The 'Boys™ for a quick set up, Sally sends out the 'Bat Signal' for The 'Boys™ and they all lock-in inside of 10 minutes.

Twenty-four hours later Eva Yi cum Valet arrive on set, and on time, The two scurry to the make up area where Valet apples her final touches and eyelashes.

The show starts and sure enough Eva is impressive. Her ability is such I can actually visualize a gold metal hanging from her neck as she engulfs Chris Cock's fat 11" hose.

Vintage Orgy 'Boys™ seize the day once again administering an epic brutal Violation (with a capital V) of sweet Eva Yi in the 68 mins video testament.

Thought her Valet she told the Newswire:

Eva Yi: "During the gang bang after my 6th orgasm my bones turned to jelly and I couldn't move, not one bit, and my only concern at the time was how was I going to reach for more cock."

Don't worry Eva we have folks who'll get you back on your knees in no time.

Taylor Dupree went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Fourth in the series: Getting to know The Orgy Boys™.

Maestro Claudio

Maestro Claudio: I Claudio

April 29, 2019

If The Orgy Boys™ were a basketball team Maestro Claudio would be the shooting guard. Because thats what Claudio does, shoots.

Maestro Claudio has been manning the camera for 20 plus years. He owns and operates several companies including Perv-City and Bam Visions released though Evil Angel, and still finds time to partake in The Orgy Boy hijinks.

Director Sally Forth says the Maestro is simply the life of the party and when you can turn work into a party thats a nice asset to have, to be sure!

Hailing originally from the old country of Northern Italy, and a mining engineer, Claudio traveled though-out the Mediterranean and into deepest-darkest Africa, dynamiting and salting mines. Like many of us, Claudio yearned to quench some base desires. So he packed it in, hung up his miners helmet, and along with his equally talented wife Gia Rome, bought two one-way tickets on Trans-Love Airways to sunny Southern California. The two of them jumped right in the jiz-biz with both feet.

4NOW Newswire sent Senior Reporter Martha Kelly for this assignment. Kelly writes:

I was hoping, and very excited to land the Maestro piece for the series. I did my dogged research to be prepared for the interview and found out the recently HOF inductee and fellow Capricorn started out as respectable male talent performing on camera for Charley Biggs and a young Jim Powers, but made his bones appearing in all of Bridgett the Midgets' features for Filmco in the late 90's.

For the deep-dive Q & A session I was invited to The Maestro's palatial estate, tucked-in an exclusive sun-kissed canyon. Inside, his art display is striking! The manor resembles a Grand Salon as much as a home.

After a cook's tour of the digs, we sat outside before a spectacular view and I finally met the former Gia Rome, who a decade ago morphed into Tiziana, the Main Maven of post-production overseeing a large segment of the industry's editing.

The Maestro pours an excellent bottle of wine, complete with wonderful appetizers and right off the bat I find out that Claudio was the 'drunk-ass dad' clown in that famous Sublime video, I tell him I remember that video. Then I'm told it was also directed by Greg Dark!

Martha Kelly: "I re-watched Bridgett PI last night where you played a cold-hard brute of a killer with such Úlan I was riveted, that scene with Dick Nasty hiring your character to take out Bridgett the Midget..."

Claudio: "I remember that scene, yes it was intense."

Martha Kelly: "You did some things with Extreme Associates that were really out there as well."

Claudio: "You're right and you did your homework, I'm impressed."

Martha Kelly: "Its what I do... I also know you incorporate an Eastern vibe in your camerawork while directing the hardest of hardcore."

[Fellow Orgy Boy Indiana Bones agrees: The Maestro has a unique style, no one else has his tai'chi steps while holding the camera.]

Claudio: "I watched an American TV show when I was little and this guy to be enlightened had to walk across rice paper and not rip the paper."

Martha Kelly: "And you taught yourself how to do it as well?"

Claudio: "I did, but for a strange reason I can accomplish this, only with a video camera in my hands."

The Maestro keeps Feng Shui in mind when designing his sets and for good measure makes the male talent face southwest during the pop shot.

Claudio: "I find it better."

Martha Kelly: "In a spiritual vein, right?"

Claudio: "Maybe, but the lighting definitely is better."

Martha Kelly: "If we can, lets jump to the present tense... I screened several of the Perv-City titles including 'The Gapes of Wrath' do you think you push things... Ne plus ultra?"

Claudio: "I hope so! I'm hoping I'm getting people's attention, and when I say people, I mean customers! The general public wants and demands all forms of extremes and that's where I cast down my bucket... but I'll give ya one thing, maybe Perv-City is not for beginners."

Martha Kelly: "You sure have your niche, Claudio, and I'm a fan. Besides fancy camerawork what else do you attribute your success to."

Claudio: "Only one thing. I jerk-off to my product! If I don't dig my stuff, why are the fans going to?"

Martha Kelly: "Quality Assurance. Makes sense."

Claudio: "The way I see it there's two kinds of pornographers, the ones that jerk off to their own product and the ones who don't - and the ones who don't are really only salesmen that could be as successful selling roofing supplies."

Martha Kelly: "I love it! Believe it or not that exact thought crossed my mind once or twice. But that's a strong statement from someone they call 'The Maestro.' Tell me why do they call you that?"

Claudio: "Would you believe that I found the maestro crown in the gutter, I picked it up and put it on my head."

Martha Kelly: "OK Napoleon, but who bequeathed you with the moniker?"

Claudio: "Wow we're going back a while... I'd like to say Mike Luciano, it may have been around that time."

Martha Kelly: "Why do you get to be, The Maestro?"

Claudio: "In all seriousness, if not me, who? Really, who?"

He sounds certain.

As the sun slowly sinks in the western skies, I switch gears and topic.

Martha Kelly: "I was at the Sportsman's lodge the night you made that speech. Did you really mean all that?"

I can see Claudio wishes I didn't bring up the Granny Vision mess.

Claudio: "What do you mean?"

Martha Kelly: "About porn stars splitting atoms."

Claudio: "Of course I do! Every word!"

Martha Kelly: "Do you think Sally and Jeff should do jail time?"

Claudio: "I do not!"

Another topic shift.

Martha Kelly: Are you ready for Sally's upcoming show, 'The Swinging Set?'

He smiles.

Claudio: "I'll be tanned, rested and ready for that one."

Martha Kelly: "Then you and Tiziana are swingers!?"

Claudio: "We're not fixtures on the scene but we like to dabble."

Martha Kelly: "Love fucking that young pussy huh?"

Claudio: "There's one thing you must get straight for your story."

Martha Kelly: "Whats that?"

Claudio: "I don't fuck..."

Martha Kelly: "Huh?"

With his lusty Italian accent, he purrs:

Claudio: "I make love."

Martha Kelly: "Natch."

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


HardArt Still Selling 'Le Hot' DVDs!

HardArt Still Selling 'Le Hot' DVDs!

April 24, 2019

Never one to let a disaster go to waste, Jeff Sharp is still replicating copies of the title Granny Vision even after the Department of Homeland Security deemed the radioactive discs a public health menace after scores of viewers were blinded by the projected images.

On Tuesday Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire asked the COO of the studio Jeff Sharp what is he thinking still disseminating the obviously dangerous home videos to the general public.

Taylor Dupree: "What the hell are you thinking? You may be going 'up the river' behind Granny Vision! More viewers are going to lose their sight! I read now there's a college craze on some campuses that groups are wearing welding masks while jerking off to the title."

Jeff Sharp: "They're calling those events, industrial circle-jerks, but It's fine with the glasses, believe it or not Granny Vision is still selling briskly and that's precisely why I'm re-releasing it. Tests were done on the GV-300s with the ultraviolet lenses you really can see the great picture quality which was the initial reason for creating the Granny Vision process."

Taylor Dupree: "How were you able to replicate more DVDs? I thought the Feds carted away that huge hard drive."

Jeff Sharp: "Yes but not the GLAS master. (The master disc that stamps out DVDs.) They didn't get that."

Taylor Dupree: (exasperated) "But how can you be so sure they are..."

Jeff Sharp: "This is the way it works, you buy a Granny Vision DVD inside there is a 5 dollar-off coupon for a pair of GV-300s."

Taylor Dupree: "How much are you charging for the glasses?"

Jeff Sharp: "$24.99, $19.99 with the coupon. We'll make a buck or two from the postage as well."

Taylor Dupree: "I hear its dangerous to even replicate Granny Vision!"

Jeff Sharp: "We were very careful, I blindfolded Ernesto and he's worked the machine so many times he literally stamped out a 1000 pieces with his eyes closed."

Taylor Dupree: "Why didn't he just use the JV..."

Jeff Sharp: "GV-300. They'll still en-route from China."

Taylor Dupree: "And United DVD was OK with this?"

Jeff Sharp: "We did it at midnight."

Taylor Dupree: "I see."

Jeff Sharp later that day met up with director Sally Forth at The Angry Poet to discuss things.

Sally arrived first and is sitting outside despite the warm Santa Anas. She is dressed to the nines with her everpresent cock-sucker red lipstick, Wayfarers and black motorcycle jacket.

Sally called the tete-a-tete to try to dissuade Sharp from releasing more of the dangerous DVDs.

Jeff Sharp: "Have you talked with Larry?" (Larry the IT guy is the inventor of the Granny Vision process.)

Sally Forth: "He's in Riverside staying with his mother, till all this hopefully blows over. What's the news with (attorney) Ben?"

Jeff Sharp: "He's not sure at the moment. The DA wants her pound of flesh for each injured party... Got any good Gang Bang candidates?"

Sally Forth: "Still working on Keli Richards for a new Older and Airtight show."

Jeff Sharp rolls his eyes: "Good luck with that. What about, The Swinger Set?"

HardArt's new concept is an inside-baseball look at the modern swinger's world replete with a no holes barred orgy.

Sally Forth: "That should come together nicely at the end of the month."

With all the tension and pressure facing Sally of late she started smoking cigarettes again after kicking the habit a few years back.

Sharp looks at Sally and can tell that something is bothering her.

Jeff Sharp: "Whats up? Something's going on with you."

Sally Forth: "I've been to college and I fear those liquored up students are going to eschew the goggles, pop in a Granny Vision disc, watch Erica Lauren spreading her asshole and things are going to grow dark... (she fires up a Marlboro, exhales) ...permanently."

Jeff Sharp in deep thought. "We're putting warning stickers on the cover saying the glasses are mandatory while viewing."

Sally Forth: "Stickers? Where?"

Jeff Sharp: "On the back over the indicia."

Sally Forth: "Is that going to be enough warning? It feels flimsy to me."

Jeff Sharp doesn't say anything, and the two sit there for a minute in silence until...

Sally Forth: "You realize, if and when things go wrong, you are going to be the biggest piece-of-shit since Harry Lime."

Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Gangbang Girl 3, Karen FisherGangbang Girl 4, Delirious Hunter

Though the Ashes, Sally and The Boys Roll

April 10, 2019

Against disaster, HardArt Films continues to manufacture and ship product despite the turbulent backdrop which the company finds itself in. As of the 12th of April, 63 viewers of HardArt's last release, Granny Vision, lost their eye sight from concentrated theta rays stemming from DVDs, destroying eyeballs.

Shooting her second Gang Bang in as many weeks. Director Sally Forth is putting on a brave face while capturing some of the wildest group sex being shot in the Valley as her world collapses around her.

Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire is on the scene covering the Granny Vision debacle as well. Sally can not discuss the case per Attorney Ben Robbins, Esq., orders, but she's more than happy to talk about everything gang bang.

I ask her about her current shooting schedule:

Sally Forth: "I figured I'd try to get as many of these shows in, while I'm still 'on the outside.'"

Sally et al. are facing serious big-house time if charges are in fact leveled on "the unholy three" (COO Jeff Sharp, Larry the IT guy, and Sally) The DA wants maximum charges of wanton mayhem with malice for each sightless victim. On the set of her latest shoot Gang Bang Girl 4. Today's gang bang girl is the imposing Delirious Hunter an experienced dominatrix that emits a cool sexy self-control.

A thirty-something statuesque beauty, Delirious Hunter, has been inflicting premium pain for some time now, breaking many a man's spirit along the way. Delirious' profession was not suggested to her from a high school guidance councilor. "I kind of just gravitated to it," she says. Besides the many personal sadistic benefits her vocation provides, the S&M world, for good reason, has an excellent dental plan.

A sangfroid maven with a whip, in the bondage deck of cards Delirious Hunter most certainly is the Red Queen of Welts. Delirious loves nothing better than to tighten her clients ball gags as her sharp, pointed heels grind down on their bruised ball sacks.

Delirious Hunter: "I also really like the feel of leather in my hand, it's a tactile sensation thing. A leather whip in my hand immediately quickens my heart, dilates my pupils and makes my pussy wet all at the same time."

Agreeing last month to take on The Orgy Boys™, with this particular shoot Delirious Hunter will set down her set of thumbscrews and leave her ropes in her suitcase. It should be quite the match-up.

Delirious Hunter fresh outta make-up waltzes onto the set. Her aura, cold as the east coast where she lives.

Pretty girl pix and group cover shots are completed. Sally reaches for her 4K video camera cuing the Boys™ with Delirious to begin their "stream of consciousness" intro.

"Action Energy!" (The only direction, director Forth will give for the entire 65 minute scene.) The Boy's™ first objective is to charm the riding crop out of Delirious tightened fist. They circle her, close in, and the process begins. The Maestro jumps right in and starts eating her pussy out before it gets too soiled. Chad Diamond from the flank swings-in and is the first to penetrate her hungry cunt, as Claudio is now making love to Delirious' painted toes.

Ten minutes in, the metamorphosis is complete. Delirious Hunter turns into hunted and receives a seismic anal fucking that reduces her mind, body and soul to a beautiful puddle. After the cum-shot-baptism she regains her fuck-drunk bearings and swears sexual revenge when she returns to So-Cal in late summer. "This is not over!" she roars. The Boys™ getting dressed turned to her and yell "can't wait!" in unison.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Third in the series, Getting to Know The Orgy Boys™.

Eric John

Eric John: It All Adds Up

April 5, 2019

If The Orgy Boys™ were a basketball team Eric john would be the Center. One thing that is imbued in all The Orgy Boys™ is precision, and no one in porn today projects precision better than Eric John, reported Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire.

A former career aerospace technician, Eric John has always been a numbers guy. "He's the only performer that's ever brought a protractor on a set," said fellow Orgy Boy™ Chad Diamond, "he wants all of his angles, right."

Director Sally Forth via email said, "Eric John knows photography and the behavior of light, 'opens up' with excellent angles, he knows what he's doing... and has the equipment to do the job, in fact on one show his cock arrived 10 mins before he did."

Eric John sports a 14 inch club between his legs (albeit he measures from his butt hole) wielding it like a light saber, he anchors The Orgy Boys™.

A stud whose 'commerce first' policy keeps his focus on the bottom line, EJ doesn't suffer fools lightly and cuts though industry bullshit with Occam's Razor.

Young Kitty Little, weighting in at 90 pounds with the nose ring, proclaimed," Eric John is my favorite male performer! He fucks hard, and fucks deep, and he knows how to eat a pussy out."

I was excited to draw the Eric John assignment for the series. I wanted to have a sit-down with him and we agreed to meet at The Bean and Grind on Moorpark. I was excepted to meet up with him at 11 am. I arrived early to discover he was already sitting outside on this brisk day with his double latte cappuccino noodling on his iPad. Wow a porn star, early! You must have forgot to set your clock forward I tell him.

I sit down and order a hot chocolate on the last throws of this long So-Cal winter.

Taylor Dupree: "You didn't like the Hyphen?" (HardArt started putting a Hyphen between Eric and John but was asked to 'hold the hyphen' ) Eric John: "Naw, that may work for Ann-Margaret. But that isn't my name, thanks for switching it."

Taylor Dupree: "No problem. Your trajectory is not a common one. New England educated, worked for a major tech giant. You were in fact, a 'rocket scientist'. And the jiz-biz isn't exactly dripping with 'rocket scientists' don't you know. Was it some sort of biological clock going off telling you, 'it's time to exit the rat race and go west middle-aged man?"

Eric John: "Yes I wasn't getting any younger and felt if I was going to run away and join the circus, now was the time."

Taylor Dupree: "When was that?"

Eric John: "In 2004. I cashed in my patents and trademarks and came out here, pitched my tent and got incorporated."

Taylor Dupree: "Basically you went from programming satellites to Titty fucking."

Eric John: "You could say that."

Eric John took the plunge. He tuned out, turned on and dropped trow. He hit the ground running, quickly leap-frogging his way to the top levels of working studs.

Taylor Dupree: "You specialize in doing live web shows, 4NOW gets your press releases, tell me how that works, Live TV sex. The pressure must be incredible."

Eric John: "I'd be glad to, to your point about being early, when you're used to performing 'live' you can't be late! You must start on the clock. The audience already has SPUNK Lube on their cocks and you better be ready, willing, and able when that red recording light goes on. It's showtime!"

Taylor Dupree: "I'm hip, and that brings up another level of pressure I mentioned before, you really need to be hard, 'out of the gate,' I would imagine you just can't turn to 5000 cyber-viewers and ask for a minute."

Eric John: "Absolutely, not everyone can do 'live,' I like the pressure that goes with 'live,' the adrenaline's cool too, it's also a kick knowing the world is looking in on us."

Taylor Dupree: "How do you get paid on that set-up?"

Eric John: Pay-per-views.

Taylor Dupree: "Ahh I see. What is the truth about the multiple orgasms you're famous for? You are known for cumming 2 or 3 times in a scene with countdown accuracy."

Eric John: "Concentration and control. They sound alike but these two entities compliment each other, the mind is a wondrous thing. Sixteen times in 24 hours is my personal best."

Taylor Dupree: "And he stayed out of the hospital folks! That's where I would have ended up had I tried that."

Eric John: "You defiantly need a sharp mind to attempt double-digits nuts," said the randy Capricorn.

I pivot the subject.

Taylor Dupree: "You own your product too, thats a smart move."

Eric John: "I have an advantage being my own boss and scheduling my work days."

Taylor Dupree: "I can see how that would work out for you, take us though a typical work day of yours."

Eric John: "Wake up at 7 sharp, feed the doggies, jump on an L.A. freeway, shoot a scene in the Valley at 11 am, finish in time to make it across town to Jim Powers' set at 3:30, for a quick anal, when I say quick, I mean 4 hours for everything, I get home in the evening to do a late night 'live' show."

Taylor Dupree: "You must sleep well after all that!"

Eric John: "I do, but it starts right back up the next day."

I pause.

Taylor Dupree: "Just, wow."

All his running around town going from set to set is aided by the GPS device he helped develop two decades ago.

Taylor Dupree: "I read a script Sally Forth wrote called, Requiem for a Porn Star, where you were set to play Johnny Eleven, a John Holmes-esque character."

Eric John: "Thats right, they wanted me to grow my hair long. I don't know how that would have played out. But that feature was shot down if memory serves."

Taylor Dupree: "I can see you playing a John Holmes type. There was talk about forming 'The Hung Jury' with you as the Foreman."

Eric John: "Yeah another HardArt project that never got off the ground. They had me drive to Chatsworth on a rainy Friday afternoon - and I live downtown! - For a meeting that could have easily been done by phone or email."

Occam's Razor again!

I ask Eric John the age-old question about relationships in hardcore.

Eric John: "Yeah they're hard. Most performers, male and female have the unique mental make-up of having big egos and low self esteem, which can attract, but eventually go nowhere. Talent is continually coming and going so there's not strong opportunities for anything to grow. Long term relationships are fleeting and will eventually crumble no matter how firm the foundation once was and we're talking 100%. Remember we work in a candy factory. Too much temptation. This industry will either make a relationship, or break a relationship, and I haven't seen one made yet. Lust don't Last."

Hey Eric John, Hallmark is hiring! I realize I got to get an Orgy Boy™ statement in.

Taylor Dupree: "What do The Orgy Boys™ mean to you?"

Eric John: "You know, honestly, it's working out better than I ever would have thought. A 'band of brothers' may be too strong but we are all have gotten pretty close."

Taylor Dupree: "And you are the architect of the plots for the Gang Bangs?"

Eric John: "I provide the bones and Sally applies the flesh and blood. The scenes that I've seen have been coming out very presentable."

Taylor Dupree: "How's working for Ms Sally Forth?"

Eric John: "Before or after her coffee? All kidding aside, she captures sex as good, if not better than anyone out there. She's young and still paying her dues. But Its obvious that her potential is limitless."

Taylor Dupree: "So, do you see The Boys™ going for a while?"

Eric John: "I plan on riding this Orgy Boy™ train all the way until it breaks down."

Taylor Dupree: "Lastly, I hope you don't think I'm a 'heel' for mentioning your women's shoe collection. When you get north of 1000 pairs I'm sure that qualifies you as a connoisseur. Which type or style really gets you?"

Eric John: "I like a simple pump, 2 inch heel in a neutral color."

Taylor Dupree: Interesting, because of what I saw you have some wild and crazy designs in your collection.

Eric John: "They have their place." (His first real smile.)

Taylor Dupree: "Ever thought of changing your stage name to Thom McAn?"

Eric John: "No."

Taylor Dupree went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Granny Vision Radioactive!

Granny Vision: What Hath God Wrought?

March 30, 2019

Federal authorities raided hardcore studio HardArt Films last Friday after serious allegations are being brought against the company after reports of numerous customers that were blinded after viewing the studio's latest release, Granny Vision. The CDC confirms the total number or people who lost their eyesight after watching the title is 37 and they expect that number to go up when more customers unwittingly watch a DVD copy. Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire went to multiply sources for full coverage.

ATF officers swarmed Top Sound Post in Northridge California (where HardArt is set up temporarily) with search warrants and confiscation writs to seize any and all hard drives and computers from the premises, The early morning raid had a 'shock and awe' urgency attempting to pin-point the source of the accidents that are occurring nationwide.

Rodger Thompson III of the CDC in Atlanta has deemed Granny Vision a severe health menace and has suggested to the FBI to cast a large dragnet to confiscate all lingering DVD copies of Granny Vision that still may be on shelves nationwide.

I got a tip that in Tulsa, Oklahoma there was a cluster or concentration of victims of the crisis, the gumshoe in me was immediately curious. I got a contact from a gal I went to Chapman University with that happens to know a local TV reporter in Tulsa I could speak with...

I made the call.

Terry Hawkins of WWOK-5 told me sub-rosa not only were the victims blinded, their entire orbs melted out of their sockets while they were viewing.


He said the victims also had third degree blistered burns on the head of their penis and knuckles.

I'm thinking, could stretching that rainbow 7% really make a DVD so intense and give off radiation to liquify eyeballs? The one I need to talk with is Larry the IT guy, but a gag order was issued to 'The Unholy Three,' COO Jeff Sharp, IT Larry, and director Sally Forth.

A little research and I find a Dr Cliff Boreman out of Cal-Tech and was kind enough to have me over for a Q & A.

I drove to Pasadena.

Dr Cliff Boreman: "I did read about this tragic phenomenon in The Times."

Martha Kelly: "What's your opinion? What's happening?"

Dr Cliff Boreman: "What I think... with what I know, is somehow, they managed to broadcast 'pure energy' so powerful, the unfiltered theta rays, destroyed the viewer's eyes. What they did, incredibly, is develop fission on plastic discs that are released when you press play..."

I'm gobsmacked!

Dr Cliff Boreman: "You said the police confiscated the compressor drives?"

Martha Kelly: "They wheeled away Big Berta yesterday." (350 LB drive built for the Granny Vision process)

Dr Cliff Boreman: "We wouldn't want that equipment to get into the wrong hands, if you know what I mean."

Me thinks he means that some operators may want to get their mitts on that stuff for nefarious purposes.

Dr Cliff Boreman: "Those folks who made this so-called, Granny Vision may be getting a visit from Homeland Security soon. I'd be shocked if they don't. It's dangerous stuff and has already been damaging customers, as you know."

I thank the good doctor and take my leave.

Next stop, The Sportsman's Lodge where HardArt's attorney Ben Robbins, Esq., an emergency town-hall symposium to circle the wagons, discuss strategies with, hopefully, pep-rally results.

I'm 15 mins late using surface streets when I arrive and walk in to the Ventura Room, Big Ben is already at the lectern, lecturing.

I take a seat in the back, I do a quick headcount, 17 present plus myself. Jeff Sharp and Sally Forth are near the front and both are sitting on their hands.

Ben Robbins (in progress): "Legally we're in deep shit. And I expect a slew - and I mean SLEW of lawsuits raining like pitchforks on us soon. I looked at the production insurance policy and saw HardArt is woefully under-insured. Bankruptcy is a strong option..."

I couldn't help myself and call out to for a question to the lawyer.

Martha Kelly: "Weren't glasses supposed to be required when viewing Granny Vision?"

A dozen heads turn around to me that didn't know I was even in the room.

My question gets Sharp's attention.

Ben Robbins: "Well... they were merely suggested, we did tests..."

Martha Kelly (cuts him off): I'm hearing that Ernesto who was working at United DVD received flash burns on his eyes as he replicated the Granny Vision DVDs.

Ben Robbins: "Ernesto is much better now, his injury was similar to what an arc welder incurs."

Martha Kelly: "Then it's a clear sign that the product was not fit-for-use without the glasses! They should at least have been offered!"

No one in the room looks pleased that I'm bringing all this up, but when eyeballs are dripping out of skulls, I need to press some. Ben finishes up by yelling, 'go team' or something similarly just as crass.

I make my way to the cheese trays and as I anticipated, I sense the herd parting and scattering when I see Big Ben Robbins out of the corner of my eye beelining it up to me as the others clear out to let the visually perturbed lawyer dress me down.

Ben Robbins:(though clinched teeth) "Look Martha I get it! You're a reporter and you want your little story. But this horrible event needs some finesse and this is what I'm going to do, I don't need to have your aspersions bandied about here or in your newswire."

Martha Kelly: "Four more viewers were blinded today from the same peep show booth in Troy, New York before the disc was pulled and destroyed. Did you know that?! How many DVDs did HardArt ship out the door? Because that's as many time bombs that are out there right now!"

Ben Robbins: "God dammit, I can't do anything about that! We're doing everything humanly possible to recall all DVDs! We got to the cable stations to abort the scheduling of Granny Vision. That would have been a catastrophe if it was released on satellite!"

Martha Kelly: "With all due respect Mr Robbins I think the situation is in catastrophe country already."

Ben Robbins: (Points his finger at my chest) "Do you want to drag Sally and Jeff down too? What was their intent in all this? You really want that Pulitzer badly don't ya Baby?"

I didn't have a snappy come-back for the month-piece, I felt a sharp pang of guilt as I hang on the horns of a dilemma. I want this scoop but I don't want to throw my friends to the wolves either.

I sense activity as the next speaker mounts the stage. Ben turns on his heel, walks away sans words. I pull myself together the best I can. The thought of what Ben just said about satellite broadcast and what Dr. Cliff said about the Homeland Security angle hits home. WMDs!

The final speaker is Hall of Famer Maestro Claudio, here for a 'fear itself' speech. I'm guessing he made the trip as a favor to Sally.

Claudio looks very continental decked out in a dark blue blazer, white deck slacks and a curvet to complete the ensemble. Claudio was the only person with prescience enough to warn the company of potential doom that came to pass with the release of Granny Vision, its street date being on the Ides of March.

Claudio clears his throat and adjusts the microphone.

Maestro Claudio : "Hello everyone I think I know most of you, but in case you don't know me, I'm Maestro Claudio and I stand before you to try and 'still the waters' which I am happy to do, also Sally is very persuasive. What happened this week is terrible. Very bad. I wish I would have spoken up about this more when I had the chance. But that's in the past. What's of import now is that we learn from these mistakes, otherwise the folly of mankind will rear its empty head over and over again. History doesn't repeat itself, people do. The ancient Greeks wrote columns on the subject: Civilization must know and understand it's limitations or we will continue to suffer and in this century the stakes are very high indeed. We must be vigilant... educated... and (he looks over to Sally)... forgiving."

I think the Maestro missed his true calling, of being a prosperity preacher or at least a politician evinced by his natural oratory chops.

Maestro Claudio: ...I'll close by saying, nothing is as bad as it seems. This too shall pass. And always remember that in our profession we are the keepers of the fantasy, we have a job to do. Pornographers should be creating erotic and filthy works of art, not spitting atoms.

Amen Maestro.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Granny Vision Discontinued

Granny Vision DVDs being pulled from Shelves

March 22, 2019

HardArt is scrabbling to solve, or better resolve, rumors of harm being done to customers who viewed the title, "Granny Vision."

Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire couldn't get though to HardArt COO Jeff Sharp to ask what's going on. As of Friday details are sketchy but what is known is several people complained across the nation about injuries upon viewing HardArt's new release Granny Vision. HardArt is recalling all the DVDs that went out the door up to this point and halted future sales indefinitely.

The industry was buzzing all week about this new video process that was declared to revolutionize what was left of home video. This process also named Granny Vision was invented right here in Northridge at Top Sound. With the idea of taking ordinary 4K footage and hopping it up to where the viewer masturbates with a hyper-real sensation.

Alas you don't need to be Sam Spade to connect any injury being reported with this new process.

As I'm typing up this report I get a text from Sharp. It read, "Can't talk about situation per Ben's orders, [Attorney Ben Robbins ESQ] I'll bring everyone up to date as soon as things allow."

That doesn't sound good.

Letters to the publisher.

These are real letters from real people via email.

Steven K., Jacksonville, FL

I've read your news letter weekly from the beginning and I remember some thing [sic] about Sally (Director Sally Forth) in hot water for hacking the police's computer and posting mug shot's [sic] of Herb Weinstock. Everything went dark on that story and there was never a follow up. What ever happened in that case? and i [sic] did see the film based on the scandal.

Answer: Though Ben Robbins, the company was able to strike a deal with the Beverly Hills DA. During the deposition Ben produced the actual report from the distributor for the feature Sexual Harassment showing the accrual sale figures. After seeing the dismal bottom line the DA had some sympathy for things and let Sally off with a stern warning.

Jillian R. from Hartford, CT

I saw a photograph of Sally Forth singing in a punk rock band, whats [sic] the story with that? How long was she in a band? Anything you can tell me?

Before there was Sally Forth there was Angie (her real name) fronting a post-punk band called, Hell's Hinges, which was formed when Sally was in college with other Cal-Art students. The line-up changed with each semester. The Band played a few times at The Angry Poet in Valencia but mainly at school events. Sally was quite the singer and her rendition of the theme song, Black Throat, (an early Dark Brothers' effort) always brought down the house, I'm told.

Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Second in the series, Getting to know The Orgy Boys™.

Jay Crew

Jay Crew: 60 and loving it!

March 15, 2019

If the Orgy Boys™ were a basketball team Jay Crew would be the power forward.

At 62 Jay can still run the floor with studs generations younger than he. Director Sally Forth says, "Jay can dance back and forth across both sides of the camera with the style and ease of Baryshnikov. He was the very first guy I thought of when assembling, The Boys™," reported Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire.

By day Jay Crew is a mild-mannered decades-long cameraman in the Industry. Having worked for all the major companies in the San Fernando Valley: Sin City, VCA, Arrow Films, and Don Hart Productions, just to name a few.

After countless times when he had to hand-off the camera, jump in, and stunt cock for performers that just weren't up to it that day, he decided to get tested and hang out his stud shingle as a gun for hire. 1200 scenes later, I got him to sit down and I spoke with the unassuming stud.

I met up with Jay at the Bean and Grind on Moorpark. I was inching to talk about his career and shake some hardcore history out of him.

Martha Kelly: "Did you ever think you'd be on the wrong side of sixty and fucking young pussy at the clip you're at now?"

Jay Crew: "If I said yes I'd be lying to you. But I do thank my lucky stars daily."

I start asking him about his beginnings in the jiz biz and he mentions the passing of Charley Biggs this week.

Charlie Biggs was a gruff bear-like cameraman/producer with a shady side going back to the very early 80s. He passed away March 4.

Jay Crew: "Charlie was my entree to both camera and sex under the lights. I was with him for years until I branched out on my own. Everyone has a Charley Biggs story. He was quite the character."

And this industry was lousy with characters back then.

Martha Kelly: "You were a top cameraman in the go-go 90s."

Jay shakes off the compliment.

Martha Kelly: "Ok, ok - let's say you were in 'high demand' back then as you are now, but what I'm getting at is though my research you worked with a lot of porn actresses that were credited with director, which made me say hmmmm..."

Jay Crew: "I'm not following you."

Martha Kelly: "You're a ghost-director?"

Jay knows exactly what I'm talking about and is too polite to say. What happens is the studio wants to appease their new starlet and they often offer her the directing gig on her new feature. A person that doesn't know which end of the camera to look though. The studio is no fool and hires a capable cameraman that can light, shoot and direct the entire project. The starlet lands her name above the title, the box cover, and Jay gets his name on every studio rolodex.

Jay Crew: "That's the word, but back then I was always praying for a few days off."

His camera work is keeping him very busy in the 21st century as well.

Martha Kelly: "I want to talk about going from offense to defense," (in keeping with the sports analogies), "your camera work is the duller side of the Jay Crew equation, know what I mean?"

Jay Crew: "I think I do."

Martha Kelly: "May I ask? How do you do it?"

Jay Crew: (exhales) "I hate to use a cliche, but I approach both sides as a job."

I think to myself, yeah, fucking Kitty Little in the ass is nice work when you can get it.

Martha Kelly: "Are you concerned with the younger competition gaining in the rear-view mirror?"

Jay Crew: "Ya really can't be. In fact it gives me incentive for keeping in shape. I know the drill, there's 10 twenty-somethings out there that want this job."

Martha Kelly: "Groucho Marx says, Youth must be served."

Jay Crew: "As of right now, they're going to have to wait a bit longer."

Martha Kelly: "I see, you want to maintain your pole position. I need to bring up The Orgy Boys™ per my assignment. I hear every Orgy Boy has a special talent they utilize during the scenes. That is why Sally selected each member in the first place. Can you tell us what your special talent is?"

Jay Craw: (laughs) "I rather hear you tell me and we'll both know."

Martha Kelly: "The others say you're the taste tester."

Jay's eyes give him away.

Jay Craw: "Ahh... right... I need to sample the goods with my tongue at the top of the show to make sure everything is ok. Then the others can participate. We gotta play safety first."

Martha Kelly: "Are you comparing pussy eating to falling on a grenade?"

Jay: "Boom."

HardArt gave Sally Forth permission to solicit and/or shop an original script to other studios. Taylor Dupree was on the scene for 4NOW. She wanted to test free agency hoping someone would bite and fund her "Requiem for a Porn Star" project.

Lamenting the dearth of companies that can even handle a mid to large budget Sally reached out to the remaining solvent concerns. She was promptly turned away by all. No meetings. No call backs.

By text I asked her if she was certain they all shot her down.

She said one company even told her "to take a hike".

HardArt COO Jeff Sharp heard about Sally's rebuff. Schaden fraude wasn't in his heart, but he had what I would call an "I told you so" attitude.

Jeff Sharp: "I'm not surprised. I tell her, those big studios don't want you!"

Then it gets weird with a maniacal tone.

Jeff Sharp: "Sally, they don't want you! It's us-alone,"

Taylor Dupree: "Huh?"

Jeff Sharp: "I tell Sally, it's us and only us."

I put my ink pen away, thank Sharp for the scoop and say I think I have what I need.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.

About Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Granny Vision

Ladies and Gentlemen: Granny Vision!

March 6, 2019 5:38 PM

At last the very secret project that director Sally Forth has been working on for the better part of two months is finally revealed. The newest title in HardArt's Mature series is called, "Granny Vision" as reported by Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire.

What's puzzling is not only the name of the title, "Granny Vision," but also the process by which it was shot, and that's also called Granny Vision. Makes sense... I guess.

But what took two months? I went right to the source, Top Sound in Northridge, for some answers. For those who may not know, Sally Forth has been MIA, sequestered and working with Larry the IT guy for HardArt, on this mystery that had many industry folks scratching their heads.

When I received the text I drove down Saticoy to the post house for the official announcement. I'm driving in light rain, thinking, gone are the days of the big catered launch parties HardArt had just last year for their first output of features.

Coming though Top Sounds gates I yield to a Big City Ice truck just coming out of the parking lot at the same time I'm pulling in and I never thought to think, Ice in February? Hmmm.

I'm buzzed in and make my way to the former edit bay #3 where Jeff Sharp is residing - and it looks it. (He hopes its temporarily.) I go inside, I see Sally for the first time since the big gang bang, she emerged from her hibernation grooving a fresh side-shave and looking great. COO Sharp is behind a make-shift desk on his cel talking louder than he needs to.

I catch a strong whiff of dirty socks at the same time I see that the cum-stained-casting-couch has survived, and made the unceremonial move, to an already crowded office/studio. And now I'm hoping that smell is only socks.

Sharp hangs up and turns to me and looks happy to see me. He spins his iMac ninety degrees to show me the finished artwork to Granny Vision. I see it's very sci-fi. It looks very cool and I curiously want to know more about this "Granny Vision process" I'm hearing about as I don't see anything about the new look on the cover.

Sharp is admonishing the director for her foolish secrecy because he could have scheduled Granny Vision (the show), as a release months ago had she let him know.

Jeff Sharp: "We could have had this title released next week had I known, what were you thinking!? Now it'll be 2 months when a slot will be available at Pulse. We could have used those CODs."

After a few beats of silence I piped in not knowing what I was talking about but offered up a life-line to Sally.

Martha Kelly: "She didn't want it broadcasted, in case it didn't work."

All eyes turned to me, Sally has a smile and looks as if she appreciated the gesture.

Jeff Sharp: "What not work? Just give me a 4k master and then do what ever the hell you want, you don't hold up production..."

Sally and Larry haven't said one word since I sat down on something I don't think is meant for sitting on.

Martha Kelly: "Can we talk about the Granny Vision process?"

Jeff Sharp: "Its all going to be discussed in length with the Go-GoMeeting that I'm dialing up now, Sharp turns the monitor even more for everyone can see."

On Line for the visual conference is HardArt's attorney Ben Robbins ESQ for any copyright and trademark filing. Listening in as well is Hall-of-Famer Maestro Claudio whose sage advice is valued in many porno circles.

Jeff Sharp: "Good Morning everyone, I have Sally here with IT Larry, also sitting in is Martha Kelly with the Newswire. I'm going to turn things over to Sally and she can bring everyone up to date."

Sally drinks the last sip from her Diet Coke and stands up.

Sally Forth: "In a nut shell what Larry and I did was stretched the visible color spectrum 7% on the Granny Vision master."

Claudio from the monitor: "What did you do?"

Sally Forth tries again: "We pulled the rainbow wider."

Claudio To Sharp: "I don't know what she's talking about!"

I try.

Martha Kelly: "Sally what rainbow are you referring to?"

Sally Forth: "OK quick recap. Everything that comes from the sun, the energy that makes it to earth, is made up from all different waves and rays, humans can only see the visible light, roy g biv".

Martha Kelly: "Who?"

Sally Forth: "When you see light though a prism broken up with in red orange Yellow on to indigo and violet..Its makes a delightful rainbow."

I'm writing all this down as fast as I can.

Sally Forth: "So everything on this side of red is inferred rays or waves..."

I heard of inferred.

Sally Forth: "...on the far side of indigo/violet are the ultra-violet rays..."

Jeff Sharp asks Claudio: " Is this helpful?"

Claudio: "Yes, it's been a while... long to short waves."

Sally Forth: "Correct Maestro, It's a layered scale, and mixed in is comic rays, radio and micro waves, theta waves, X rays, and others. What me and... well, mostly Larry, did was elongated that roy g biv slice 7%. I wanted to go 12% but Larry said we should try 7% and see how that works first."

Martha Kelly: "What does the 7% wider spectrum do?"

Sally Forth: "The picture is stunning, colors are more brilliant and much more vivid. I feel this could revolutionize what's left of home video."

I look at Sharp I'm guessing his cock is hard thinking about sales.

Sally Forth: "The show was shot on standard 4K. The actual Granny Vision treatment comes after the final edit, Larry dissected and opened up the files where he's screwing around with the electrons, Larry figured how to separate the color band from it's mass, pulling the ends out to what we think is 7%. I don't think this has ever been done before."

Martha Kelly: "Straight up impressive Sally and Larry, But why 'Granny?' Couldn't you have used say, 'interracial' or 'teen' and still had the look?"

Sally Forth: "Excellent question. Larry did a mock-up of as you say 'the look' on over different genre footage and for some reason the 'over 50' scenes work the best, Actually pegging the needle on the scopes, so Larry christened the process, Granny Vision. Hand Jobs came in 2nd in the genre findings."

Martha Kelly: "How big is the final file?"

Sally Forth: "Funny you should ask. Ten thousand terabytes! Give or take."

I feel my eyes shoot out on their stems.

Sally Forth: "Larry made from scratch a very hard drive to contain that file. That's what took the most time. We also had to compress the hell out of things to be able to make a glass master for replication."

Sally turns to Larry.

Sally Forth: "That was really something Larry, great job."

Laconic Larry chuckles quietly.

Sally Forth: "The damn drive is as big as a steamer trunk, weighs 350 pounds and needs to be packed in dry ice when operating."

Ice in February.

Martha Kelly: "May I see it?"

Sally Forth: "Not a good idea, I worry about the electromagnetic field that sucker puts out. If someone gets too close it may pull the fillings out of their mouth."

Ben Robbins pipes in: "Guys, its all very exciting but I need to be in court in an hour. I'll file the trademark papers by next week."

Jeff Sharp: "OK Ben, take care and thanks for your time."

Ben Robbins: "You'll get my bill."

Jeff Sharp: "Oh, I KNOW I will."

Ben signs off. Claudio is left on monitor.

Claudio: "They're calling me for pretty girls, but my opinion is I don't like the idea of messing with the electricity of the 4K files. If the Granny Vision process is tampering with subatomic particles it could get messy. Remember next week is the Ides of March. Beware."

Claudio signs off.

For a spell the only sound in the room came from Sally popping open another Diet Coke. I think of what wise Cassius - I mean Claudio - just said about playing with the laws of natural physics and suddenly his words give me chills and I don't smell the socks anymore.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Veteran Slut Sheila Marie Pinch Hits For HardArt

March 1, 2019, 2:10 PM

"A funny thing happened on the way to the Gang Bang," Industry reporter Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire said pertaining to The Orgy Boys™ new gang bang shoot. When a model failed to make an appearance, leaving The Boys™ and director Sally Forth stranded, Sheila Marie stepped in and saved the day on the night's shoot.

Sheila was already on set for her new part-time gig as a SPUNK Lube representative as part of the promo deal SPUNK and HardArt struck earlier this year. She was there to pass out samples, tee shirts and of course to project a very sexy image for the company and Ms Sheila Marie fit the bill wonderfully!

I reached out to SPUNKY Jeff of SPUNK Lube for comment about one of his employees jumping into the loin's den with both feet. Jeff responded "We're in the pleasure business and any way we can promote pleasure and SPUNK lube we will do it. To me Sheila Marie going 'airtight' shows me a gung-ho grit I like in employees."

When 50+ model Keli Richards failed to show up at the given time, Sheila Maria volunteered to fill in, also providing the best "The show must go on!" speech this reporter has ever witnessed! She then reached for her phone and pulled up a current test.

Sheila Marie requested that she should chant for 15 mins after her "girly stuff". Sally granted that request.

When Sheila Marie emerged from her chanting, beads still in hand she bee-lined it right up to Sally and she looked apprehensive. I sidled up closer to the pair to eavesdrop on things.

Sheila Marie, thinking she was in a private conversation with the director, admits that though she's done her share of anal, she's never done double penetration.

Director Forth tells her to take 3 Ibuprofen right before the scene and she'll be fine. To which Sheila Marie in so many words asked if that was going to be enough to quell her anxiety.

Sally quick with a panacea, "If you need more just close your eyes and think of England."

My giggle almost gave me away.

Sheila Marie ended up getting brutally rear-ended by The Orgy Boys™ and loved every stroke. She took all the cock and evinced by the show's trailer did a kick-ass job. Like the others Sheila Marie passed with flying colors and flying cum shots.

On Friday, what may be the final meeting in the nearly vacated HardArt Chatsworth complex brings out COO Jeff Sharp and lately seldom seen Sally Forth who is up to something, however, she's not ready to discuss at this time.

This conference is about increasing the HardArt product line for with another sister series to accompany "The Orgy Boys™," "Gang Bang Girl," and "Older and Airtight" lines.

Orgy Boy Eric John was called in for a sit-down meeting and is fighting traffic on the 'Hollywood Crush' from DTLA (downtown LA) to the furthest reaches of The Valley. Eric has no idea what the meeting is about.

Eric arrives at 5:30 and makes his way in the building he enters the empty office and has a seat on the only real chair left in the place. Sally is off to the side ensconced on the cum-stained-casting-couch that will be abandoned next week.

Since Jeff Sharp called this pow-wow he does most of the talking.

Jeff Sharp starts: "Thanks for coming in on a Friday afternoon, wanna water?" Eric John declines and is ready to hear whats on HardArts's mind.

Jeff Sharp: "We are... [side glances at Sally] ...very happy with The Orgy Boys™ series so far... HardArt wants to increase its product line and develop another series... Sally is working on something and won't tell me anything..."

Sally is sitting, not budging, looking down, scrolling though her phone.

Jeff Sharp: "And that's no way to schedule releases. I'm sure she has her reasons... To come right out and say it, Eric, we want to create a series and call it, 'Hung Jury.'"

Eric John: "'Hung Jury?'"

Jeff Sharp: "Yep. Ya need to be this big (demonstrates, holds out two fingers about 9-10 inches apart) to ride this ride!"

Eric John shifts his head: "I'm not following..."

Jeff Sharp: "I want a group of guys with big cocks and call them 'The Hung Jury.'"

Eric John: "Another gang bang crew?"

Jeff Sharp: "No, just boy-girl couch stuff."

Eric John: "You DO know there's NINE people to a jury, you got nine guys?"

Jeff Sharp: "Ahhh... not as yet."

Eric John: "Then why AM I here?"

Jeff Sharp: "We want you to be the foreman."

Eric John: "Foreman? The jury foreman? Why Me?"

Jeff Sharp: "Well, we at HardArt [another glance at Sally] think you comport yourself well enough - you're New England schooled, right?"

Eric John: "Yeah, but does the foreman get anything extra?"

Gets real quiet for a few beats,

Jeff Sharp: "You... You'll get a bump."

Eric John: "So, with this bump, is it still the same rate as before?"

Jeff Sharp: "Things are still tight."

Eric John: "Those big dicked guys aren't cheap... Again, why The Hung Jury?"

Sally speaks up for the first time still not looking up from her phone and announces:

Sally Forth: "He likes the name".

Jeff Sharp: "It's a cool name."

Eric John: "How many scenes are you thinking about doing in a month?"

Jeff Sharp: "Well, Eric as always, the number I want to shoot and the number I can afford are..."

Sally looks up at last, turns to Eric John and cuts Jeff Sharp off.

Sally Forth: "What my esteemed partner is trying to say is that 'the Flesh may be willing, but the bank account is weak'".

Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


First in the Series: Getting to Know The Orgy Boys

Chad Diamond

The Apotheosis of Chad Diamond

February 21, 2019

If The Orgy Boys™ were a basketball team Chad Diamond would be the point guard.

"Chad's the drummer of the band, he's a one man rhythm section," says Indiana Bones.

Chad Diamond is an integral part of the sextet known as The Orgy Boys™ arguably the hottest power group working in porn today.

Chad Diamond: "I always had a natural rhythm about me. I lock in a beat and go with it, whether its with music or fucking."

To be clear, when The Orgy Boys™ are plying their craft, Chad Diamond supplies the beat, a pounding, or pounds per minute groove, setting the syncopation throughout the entire fucking gang bang.

Chad helps to further clarify:

Chad Diamond: "I just fuck at a steady rhythm and the others do their thing at the pace I'm fucking at that point in time. We can quickly get up to speed and when that happens its very close to a tight jazz band... can you guess what our instruments are?"

Fellow Orgy Boy Eric John verifies, "When I'm working on other gang bangs without Chad, there is defiantly the lack of a clear vibe. There is a difference cadence and you really come to appreciate Chad's eight beats to the bar." Jay Crew also concurs, "Chad rocks the girl with that consistent steady beat where on the other end, throat fucking the girl is a breeze."

Calling Chad Diamond a sexual metronome, you wouldn't be that far off, but that doesn't do him or his talent justice.

Besides being an excellent coxswain, Chad dabbles in writing, in fact he recently completed a formal treatise entitled, "Tit Fucking: And what it means to me." In addition to copies sent to Perdue University and The Journal of The American Medical Association, a copy was over-nighted to the noted Professor of Sexual Proclivities at the University of Edinburgh, Dr Keera Ashton, who said she had indeed received the essay and read it in one sitting. Dr Ashton states, "The report is beyond definitive!" The good doctor also gushes about the research that must've been performed to gather all the data to complete what she says may be the most in-depth look into titty fucking ever endeavored. She closes with a coda simply staring that if titty fucking is done properly it can be very gratifying.

I have to ask.

Martha Kelly: "Tit Fucking?"

Chad Diamond: "I'm a fan."

I pivot things and have a go at being philosophical.

Martha Kelly: "As a concept, not necessary an idea, how has The Orgy Boy experience been for you so far?"

Chad Diamond: "Mind Blowing is an understatement."

Martha Kelly: "How's working with Sally."

Chad Diamond: "Intense. But in a good way."

Martha Kelly: "Has she gotten that whip of hers to snap yet?"

Chad Diamond: "Sally Forth keeps threatening us with orgies, and I tell her, Bring it on, we can take it!"

Butter wouldn't melt in Chad's mouth.

I keep digging.

Martha Kelly: "What makes The Boys™ so good?"

Before he can answer, I add:

Martha Kelly: "You guys have only done a few gang bangs and its like you been together for years. And so you know, Mr. Diamond, the others say that it's your 'tom-tom strokes' that are the bed rock for the magic, brutal as it may get, that makes the process successful."

Chad Diamond: "Well I appreciate the sentiment but honestly its like this: For things to really move! My word. Precision and only precision is the key. During the gang bang when one hard cock comes out of a hole another one needs to fill the breech immediately, the less allowance allowed, the tighter the scene will be. The show should flow like oil."

Boom. It dawns on me what he's talking about.

Martha Kelly: "Intermittently... like clockwork."

Chad flashes a rare smile.

I finish.

Martha Kelly: "And Chad Diamond provides the heartbeat."

Chad Diamond: "Swiss timing baby!"

The update on Sally Forth is that there is no update. Heard tell she's been wood-shedding with Larry, HardArt's IT guy for 2 full weeks at his place in Reseda. Nobody knows nothing. Everything is top secret hush-hush. I finally text her to say hi. I ask her if she's working on some kind of internet start-up? She gets back and says, "Not particularly, but for the future, who knows?" and included a smiley face emoji with that.

Cryptic and mysterious. Just how I like my pornographers.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Gang Bang Girl Lexi Lore

Sally and The Boys Shoot and Score - Again

February 15, 2019

HardArt's Gang Bang Girl Volume 2 is wrapped and in 'the can' reported Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire and will be headed to Top Sound in Northridge for post-production. This second title featured Lexi Lore as this episode's gang bang girl. Also, it's the first time Lexi performed with The Orgy Boys™.

People on the ground are saying the result of the gang bang was earth-shaking. Strangely, director Sally Forth was no where to be found in person but left a text saying, "Lexi Lore is a sexual dynamo wrapped in the guise of innocence incarnate! From the very first frame to the very last Lexi Lore explodes!"

Another source said Lexi fucked and sucked her way though The Orgy Boys™ (not to be taken lightly) and afterward went out for late night sushi with 'pecker-tracks' still in her hair, revealing her devil-may-care style.

When I caught up with Lexi the day after I asked her about the challenge of going "airtight." (All 3 holes filled with hard cock.) Lexi snapped back, "Challenge? It's a hobby of mine don't you know." I asked her about the midnight pit-stop to, Sushi on Ventura. Without blinking she tells me, "Getting one's asshole pounded all evening can build up quite an appetite," she purred with an impish smile.

Later the same day I went to Top Sound to poke around. Upon arriving I see Jeff Sharp, the COO for HardArt, his car parked in front. I think to myself, nice! This will save me a trip to Chatsworth.

As I'm parking I see Sharp come out of the building, go to his car and takes a handful of things to carry inside. I yell to hold up so I don't need to be buzzed in. He sees me and holds the side door open with his back.

We all know HardArt has just till the end of this month to vacate their Chatsworth office complex which they had all last year. I detected something and realized, such sad times are these, Jeff Sharp is moving into edit bay number 3... TO LIVE! I end up helping him tote his (heavier than hell) king-sized mattress into the former edit bay plopping it down in the corner taking up about half of the room's real estate.

He goes into a mini fridge, hands me a much needed water and we both sit wherever we can.

Taylor Dupree: "Jeez, Jeff, you're homeless?"

Jeff Sharp: "Where do you think I lived before?"

I think for a beat, and say...

Taylor Dupree: "At HardArt?"

Jeff Sharp: "Yes, and there was even a shower over at that place."

Taylor Dupree: "Right, I remember seeing one upstairs... but DAMN, are you going to be all right here?"

Jeff Sharp: "It's cool with the owners, and hopefully it may only be for a few months."

The expression, "famous last words" drifts across my mind and I change the subject.

Taylor Dupree: "What's news?"

Jeff Sharp: "Besides me moving into Edit Bay 3? ...Oh, I know, mercifully we finally got a positive review for Sexual Harassment."

He walks over and picks up a city weekly already opened to the review and hands it to me, theres a blurb high-lighted, I read it out loud.

Bright, sassy, and whimsical, Sally Forth is a quality filmmaker whose sense of movie history permeates Sexual Harassment.

I look up at Sharp and say,

Taylor Dupree: "This is a great write up! Did you show her this?"

Jeff Sharp: "She knows. She isn't saying anything and I sent it to her yesterday. I'm sure she's pleased someone got her Joan Crawford gag. But for Sally that whole production is a painful memory."

Taylor Dupree: "That's right... it didn't end well for her."

Jeff Sharp: "She never got the chance to redeem herself with the heist picture they pulled from her, it was essentially both knees to the balls."

Taylor Dupree: "That shouldn't still eat her up... Should we be worried? When's the last time you saw her?"

Jeff Sharp: "She's around. Since there isn't any shooting funds at the moment she's working on something 'big' with Larry, sub-rosa like."

Taylor Dupree: "Oh?"

I smell a story but say nothing.

Jeff Sharp: "Yeah they were working on 'it' here till I started moving in, and that's when they grabbed their computers and Tesla coils and stampeded out of here, I'm guessing to Larry's place to set up there. And of course they can't be bothered."

Taylor Dupree: "Any idea what the project is?"

Jeff Sharp: "No clue. All I know is with Sally you need to be both optimistic and suspicious at the same time."

Taylor Dupree went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Sally Forth and HardArt Films are now Powered by SPUNK Lube

Sally Forth and HardArt Films are now Powered by SPUNK Lube

February 9, 2019, 2:30 PM

On Friday, lubricant king-pin SPUNKy Jeff of "SpunkLube.com" has agreed to do a product sponsorship agreement with former feature studio HardArt. In the agreement, SPUNK Lube will be the exclusively used personal lubricant at HardArt. HardArt content featuring SPUNK Lube will then be distributed via @spunklube social media networks.

"We immediately worked out a very cool deal that everyone is happy with. It took no time at all. We already use SPUNK Lube on our sets," COO Jeff Sharp told industry scribbler Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire.

The Promo-Partnership Plan hopes to expand exposure and heighten brand awareness for both parties, on-line and whatever is left of home video by utilizing creative advertisements, attractions and, naturally, product placement.

SPUNKy Jeff at "SpunkLube.com" on the completion of the deal said, "SPUNK Lube is rock hard and eXXXtra excited to work with HardArt! We look forward to a SPUNKy relationship and a damn good fucking time. HardArt is now powered by SPUNK Lube and we couldn't be more ready to make content together."

This is a huge shot in the arm for HardArt which was left for dead right before the holidays when their feature division imploded, capsizing the operation. Director Sally Forth sprung into action appointing and anointing herself as "Head of Production."

Carrying HardArtFilms.com on her back, Sally resuscitated the studio not with CPR but by shooting high-quality, one of a kind gang bangs. Forming the sexual quintet, The Orgy Boys™, along the way to boot. These days Ms Forth specializes in good, fast, and inexpensive productions. And so far she's batting 1,000.

Jeff Sharp finishes, "Yes we're all very excited that SPUNK Lube believes in this limping production company of ours. I see a bright and symbiotic future ahead for both companies. Sally and I feel SPUNK Lube is the first sponsor patch sewn on to our collective racing jumpsuit.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


HardArt's Gang Bang Girl Trailer Premiers

February 1, 2019, 2:58:45 PM

Gang Bang Girl, the first effort in a new series from the revamped ex-feature studio HardArt, has released the trailer late last night. COO Jeff Sharp is prepping to 'street' Gang Bang Girl in mid February. Directed by Sally Forth, the production features Fallon West in the titular role that some are calling a star-making performance. Also, The Orgy Boys™ worked together for the first time as a unit.

Taylor Dupree reporting for 4NOW Newswire spoke with Sharp by phone and asked if he was nervous releasing a title without moneyed support as was the case last year. Sharp admitted he was, and stated, "At this point we aren't in a position to take any kind of hit, so yeah, we're walking a tightrope, but I'm all-in with Sally as usual".

An executive's confidence in a director is always touching. However my job here is to report on the trailer which I saw. Twice. And I can honestly say the trailer is... what it appears to be... a stark video expose' of how much and how many of a young woman's holes can be pounded for long periods of time. The Orgy Boys™ providing the brutal sexual stress. And it appears by this two and a half minute trailer that Ms West magnificently passes the test with flying colors - and flying cum shots!


I was assigned to speak with the director Sally Forth about the new series. Note: For full disclosure this is my first attempt to talk with Ms Forth professionally since I was suspended and reinstated with the Newswire for seeing her on non-working arraignments.

I text her about my new assignment, She gets right back saying there is a meeting with The Orgy Boys™ and her this evening and if I'd like to "tag along" and listen in, I'm welcome. I tell her I'd be delighted to attend and I thank her in a way I hope she acknowledges.

I arrive at the Bob's Big Boy on Nordhoff St at 7 sharp and go in. I see Sally and a few of The Boys™ in the back seated at the big booth. I don't sit in their booth but the one adjacent to it. I nod to Sally as the waitress brings what's probably her first chocolate shake of the evening. Sally may argue with this but her face just beams watching the waitress setting the stainless steel tumbler with the surplus shake next to the glass topped with whip cream. (For the record, I didn't see a cherry.)

The gang's all here save for Maestro Claudio who is up north skiing the powdered slopes in Mammoth. Chad Diamond briskly comes in plops his backpack down in an empty space in the round booth and continues in-stride straight to the mens room to answer nature.

Jay Crew, Chad Diamond Eric John, Indiana Bones, and Johnny Goodluck are seated around Sally whose planted in the center of the booth. Juana the waitress comes over and takes the meal orders, I notice everyone ordered breakfast at 7:20 in the PM. Eric John orders 2 waffles.

Juana finishes and heads to the kitchen.

Sally brings up old business,

Sally Forth: I'm sorry guys, but I'm going to ask you to hold on to your last checks for another week.

I watch Eric John roll his eyes but he doesn't squawk out loud.

Sally Forth: Sharp is expecting VOD and PPV money at the end of this week, and told me to let you guys know he appreciates your patience in this difficult time.

Johnny Goodluck: Where is Jeff, why isn't he here?

Sally is in the middle of a milkshake hit that leaves a milkstache on her upper lip.

Sally Forth: Believe it or not he's in Encino seeing Roma for the second time.

Chad Diamond: Didn't he get funds from The Shylock?

Sally Forth: That doe is just about gone, he says he took care of Top Sound Post, there was still a balance for Sexual Harassment that we're responsible for per our exit deal...(she shifts gears)... also I'm not crazy about shooting at night but I understand the scheduling thing, but I hate that look... that's a lot of shadows I need to kill.

Indiana Bones volunteers: The night shoots work best for me, it frees me up and makes things easier.

Sally starts using her spoon to eat her milkshake.

Sally Forth: Dully noted. Now I gotta shlep lights across town. I didn't go to film school to bounce lights off the ceiling.

Eric John announces: Ok we do night shoots going forward, it does make things easier with other projects everyone has going on...

Then the discussion levels out to sundry points such as who should or shouldn't be the next Gang Bang Girl, naturally everyone has an opinion.

Juana appears with large serving tray, she starts dealing and calling out meals to all and didn't miss.

Juana: Two eggs over easy, wheat toast...

Jay Crew leans in and asks Sally as she starts digging in to her blueberry pancakes.

Jay Crew: A couple weeks ago you said something about traveling...

With mouth full in-between chews.

Sally Forth: I hope on doing, The Orgy Boys™ do Palm Springs and The Orgy Boys™ do Vegas this Spring.

Jay Crew: ...And those are overnight?

Holds up a number one finger as she swallows.

Sally Forth: One night, I'll give you plenty of notice.

I sit back and watch this crew settle in and start devouring their meals in silence but for forks screeching plates and it hits me; despite Sally blurring the line between butcher and meat and leaving her clothes on during the shooting, she is undeniably one of The Boys™.

About Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


Gang Bang Girl Fallon West

The Orgy Boys: Here They Cum!

January 19, 2019

Wasn't it F. Scott Fitzgerald who once quipped, There are no second acts in America?

As reported last week by 4NOW Newswire, Sally Forth made good on her first effort on her second act with former feature company HardArt. Senior Reporter Martha Kelly drew the assignment of visiting the set of the director's inaugural group-sex series called, Gang Bang Girl featuring The Orgy Boys™.

Known for her famously closed sets, the usually secretive pornographer invited me to bare-witness on this new phase for her and the revamped company. But as the leopard that can't change her spots, I only received the text with the location address at 8:30am the morning of the shoot. Old habits die hard.

I pulled up to a nice West Hills home below the boulevard. It appears to be what they call in the biz, a daylight house. I'm guessing Sally won't have one Kino or flo-tube light anywhere on set. I park. I start up the long driveway. As I am walking up to the home, I spy a guy sitting in a vintage Caddy parked in the driveway listening to talk radio, loud enough for me to recognize the show coming over the ether. I go inside and into the living room where the main action will be taking place and I was correct the room is awashed with daylight. I'm shocked and happily surprised to see Maestro Claudio showing his phone with his fresh STD test to Fallon West, today's Gang Bang Girl. In fact most of the studs I'm seeing are middle aged. I turned to my right and see Eric-John laying out his toiletries neatly in the corner. So I go over and say hi. Eric John looks happy to see me.

After exchanging some pleasantries I ask him about the make up of The Orgy Boys™.

Martha Kelly: "Is this some kind of social experiment going on here?"

Eric John: (Small chuckle) "I'm starting to rationalize that. However, I'm starting to see what [Sally] is doing with this project. She's taking a slice of a class of males, unconventional from the normal idea of a bunch porn studs, she thinks of us as men that can be from... say, Peoria, have wife and kids, work a 9 to 5, and perhaps belong to a lodge. But Sally will make this cadre of guys here fuck beautiful women. Me-thinks Sally likes a parallel universe. You said experiment, I think its more of a study in humanities and if this gimmick takes off I'll surely welcome the work."

I wish Eric John a good scene and look up to see Indiana Bones and Johnny Goodluck arriving on set right on cue, and I figure in two and a half hours they'll be cumming on cue as well.

I yell, "Ciao Maestro!" to Maestro Claudio of PervCity as he's doing his stretching before the scene. I approach.

Martha Kelly: "What made you come out of retirement again?"

Claudio twisting his upper body: "Honestly it didn't take much to lure me back. I always liked a real good orgy or gang bang, that's not a secret! So when I got the text from Sally to participate I told her to count me in and I got the test."

Martha Kelly: "You look like your in great shape for the task at hand."

Claudio: "Thank you. Doing these scenes is a win-win because, I fuck, and I don't have to do cardio afterward which I love!"

Jay Crew walks in with a small copier machine for scanning IDs.

Jay Crew, Sally Forth's co-director on the three HardArt features anchors a big part of todays show. I ask him about the format change.

Jay Crew expounds: "Seat-belts fasten. We're off on another great adventure!"

Jay always puts things so perfectly.

Only Sally Forth can get away with wearing a navy blue beret cocked at a jauntily angle on a porn set. She spots me as she begins taking Fallon West's "pretty girl" pix/still-photos and I read her expression telling me she'll catch up with me later in the shoot so I quietly sit in the back out of the way and observe things taking shape. After the pretty girls stills, the box or front cover pix are taken with Fallon in various forms of undress posing with The Orgy Boys™. Am I witnessing history drifts across my mind watching all this.

The main event gets under way: To spare the kind-readers my prosaic play-by-play, may I sum things up with: pants came off, I count six hard cocks and Fallon's 3 holes, I didn't have my abacus with me but thats a lot of mathematical combinations and though out the 55 minute scene The Orgy Boys™ hit on all of them.

The Orgy Boys™ never together till today, had their collective sexual-rhythm solidify instantly, its hard to compare group-sex to baseball, but the motion of a 5-4-3 double play and their 'Double Vag to Oral' has the same poetry.

After a cum bath for Fallon, final "cum pix" are taken, and The Boys™ scatter and retreat to freshen up, get paid, and on to their next gig. I finally approach Sally after her last still shot. She's gathering up the paperwork. Sad to see the drop in prestige thrusted upon Ms. Forth, but she seems happy evinced by her smile as I walk up.

Martha Kelly, I offer: "You need a hand?"

Sally Forth: "Hello Martha. No, I'm good, thanks for asking and for hanging around."

Martha Kelly: "I saw the whole thing."

Sally Forth: "Quick what is your one-word take?"

I hold-fast for a beat and a half.

Martha Kelly: "Brutal!"

Sally Forth: (Relieved) "That's a good sign."

I feel I know Sally well enough to needle her some.

Martha Kelly: "Did you forget your lights today?"

Sally Forth (nonplussed): "Who needs 'em!"

I told Sally I already heard the theory of moose lodge members with hard-ons and I wanted her position.

Sally Forth: "I want to endeavor to make The Orgy Boys™ folk heroes to millions of mid-life crisis males - and maybe females - who may want to live vicariously, fantasize, jerk off and feel better about themselves knowing The Boys™ are carrying a sexual torch that may have long burnt out for them."

Martha Kelly: "It's a crazy idea I must say, but its hella noble. How did you assembly this 'motley crew'?"

Sally Forth: "They was going to be the heist crew for the Rififi feature if that would've happened."

Martha Kelly: "I'm hip. Is there some kind of secret password or handshake for The Boys™?"

Chad Diamond walks up to Sally with his signed model release that he exchanges for cash, he doesn't count it and puts the doe in his shirt pocket, looks at me and pipes in to my last question.

Chad Diamond: "The Orgy Boys™ don't need any kind of handshakes, if you know what I mean?"

Martha Kelly: "Copy that."

I say goodbye and thank my host, it's early enough to swing by Springboard Studio West (SSW) to chat with HardArt COO Jeff Sharp before my deadline for this item.

Inside SSW,

Jeff Sharp is sitting in his near empty office eager of a report of the shoot.

Jeff Sharp: "How did it go today?"

Martha Kelly: "Just another winner. The Boys™ were outstanding. Definitely a star-making performance for Fallon West."

Jeff Sharp: "That's a good sign."

Martha Kelly: "That's what Sally said."

Jeff Sharp: "I hope she's got something up her sleeve."

Martha Kelly: "What do you mean?"

Jeff Sharp: "A plan for all this, she doesn't tell me much. You said there was lots of energy in the gang bang today right?"

Martha Kelly: "Plenty."

I think to myself.

So much energy Claudio can skip his next cardio too.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Taylor Dupree Reinstated

January 12, 2019

On Friday Teddy Nettleman, editor and publisher of 4NOW Newswire has allowed Taylor Dupree to resume his reporting on the industry after he was suspended for a conflict-of-interest with a story subject. After a series of mea culpas Taylor was back on his Smith-Corona pecking away. The timing is excellent with 4NOW senior reporter Martha Kelly just disembarking on a long deserved vacation.

From Taylor Dupree:

I arrived at SpringBoard Studios West (SSW) on my first day back to see the carnage for myself. Inside the building it's almost empty. No bustle, no hum, no receptionist. I hear the loud-echoed voice of COO Jeff Sharp in his office down the hall, on the phone, naturally, so I step inside. He motions for me to grab a full apple box to sit on. OK.

Sharp finishes his call, hangs up and turns to me.

Jeff Sharp: "You're back."

Taylor Dupree: "How could I stay away?"

Jeff Sharp: "Running around with [house director] Sally Forth isn't good for your health."

Taylor Dupree: "Now ya tell me."

Jeff Sharp: "Still speaking to her?"

Taylor Dupree: "Yeah some texting... she understands... (I pivot the subject) What's new here? Are you still HardArt?"

Jeff Sharp: "Ben Robins says just continue to use the name. He doesn't think there's going to be a problem."

Taylor Dupree: "Cool! HardArt lives!"

Jeff Sharp: "For now, knock wood. Sally wants to do these "Orgy Boys" things."

I jot that down.

Jeff Sharp: "She wants to start with gang bangs and work her way up to orgies."

Taylor Dupree: "Is that going to work for HardArts new business model?"

Jeff Sharp: "They're a heck of a lot cheaper than those features! But they do cost."

Taylor Dupree: "You got the bread to get started?"

Jeff Sharp: [Lowering his voice] "Off the record, I hocked the feature masters. I went and saw Johnny Spinelli."

Taylor Dupree: "The Shylock?"

J. Spinelli known as the Shylock around porno circles, he often lends cash to producers who are in a pinch and need completion funds. He charges high interest rates and thinks he's a patron-of-the-arts while doing so.

Taylor Dupree: "Where did you find him?"

Jeff Sharp: "Santa Anita, by the stables... [lamenting] Yeah, we went on the street for shooting funds. Sally wants to register and trademark The Orgy Boys and that costs too. However, HardArt still has the deal with Pulse and after I have the first two shows finished and packaged I'll ask Jim for an advance. That'll take care of The Shylock. I tell myself that's the price of doing business in The Valley."

Taylor Dupree: (I look at my pad) "So what or who are these 'orgy boys?'"

Jeff Sharp: "She's recruiting a few good men for gang bangs and orgies. It's a nice one-two punch. Sally sees it as performance-art and I see it as sales. Besides she said it was either this or doing Peck's Bad Boy."

I have everything I need for a late edition so I take my leave. Outside walking to my car I get a text from my colleague Martha Kelly (who last I heard was rusticating in Palm Springs), she's welcoming me back in the fold, and asks me if I learned a lesson.

I hit her back saying, "Yes I did, 'I'd rather run with the foxes than hunt with the hounds.'"

She texts me right back telling me she thinks I have that backwards.

Teddy Nettleman: Teddy Started 4NOW Newswire in 2015 to provide an insiders look at the Southern California X-Rated Industry. Teddy comes from the print magazine world. He's originally from Visalia, CA.

Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.

Martha Kelly: Martha worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


The Wreak of HardArt's Gravy Train

January 1, 2019, 11:50:08 AM

What might've been. The three saddest words in all human language, may indeed apply to the fate of one of the last feature studios in the entire X-rated industry. HardArt Films was shot down in flames last week when their funding was pulled. Shuttering a company what many projected to quickly become the 'fastest gun in the west valley' had they survived.

On her first visit back to Spring Board Studio (SSW) since the holiday Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire pulled into the parking lot to see workers removing the HardArt sign on the front of the office building. The place was already coming down evinced by the company's Christmas Tree discarded before the new year.

Is this the end? I point-blanked erstwhile COO Jeff Sharp.

Jeff Sharp: (Fidgets a tad) "It may be, the rent is paid till March." (The rent was paid for a year in advance.) "And I don't see me keeping the lights on after that."

Martha Kelly: "They [The "4 Gentlemen from Palo Alto"] left HardArt high-and-dry."

Jeff Sharp: "Not really, they really couldn't hang around. On Monday, through Ben Robbins, they are signing all assets and liabilities to me and Sally and then they are off the hook."

Martha Kelly: "Thats great! That means the three releases belong to you guys!"

Jeff Sharp: "And little else, that expensive copier [pointing to it] comes with us though."

Martha Kelly: "Why are they taking down the sign then?"

Jeff Sharp: "Their lawyers are saying we may have to change the name of the company, but Ben Robbins is talking to them about terms, but that sign has got to come down either way. To keep this place running, you need salesmen, shippers, accounts receivable people. Those fix costs need to be paid weekly. If it was up to me I'd sell the 3 pictures in a bundle deal and be done with it, but alas, a three title catalogue isn't very enticing."

I arranged a meeting with Director Sally Forth at the Bean & Grind on Moorpark in NoHo. I arrive and take a table outside despite being a chilly December day. The Java will warm things up too. Ten minutes after our appointed time I see Sally in her Jeep with oversized tires enter the parking lot. She whips the jeep into a conveniently empty space smack in front of the joint. She's a little thing, and needs to lower herself out of her vehicle that has both altitude and attitude.

Sally, with a passion for fashion, steps up looking extra stunning in black bomber jacket with fleece collar, black Wayfarers, and her ever present cocksucker-red lip stick. She sees me, smiles and walks up. Laying her leather driving gloves and phone on the table she tells me she's going to the "pee-pee, tee-pee" and bee-lines it inside not saying anything about her tardiness, which I chalk that up to part of her charm.

Sally sits down as our waiter, Ishmael, is bringing out my green tea that I ordered earlier, He turns to Sally settling in her chair.

Sally Forth: "A large double expresso latte, a la Antwon'."

Ishmael didn't get her Bugs Bunny reference and scurries away.

I start.

Martha Kelly: "How's things?"

Sally Forth: "Better."

Martha Kelly: "Better?"

Sally Forth: "Better not ask... but everything will be ok, I pulled myself together."

Martha Kelly: "I spoke to Jeff Sharp yesterday..."

Sally Forth: "So did I."

Martha Kelly: "You own half of those 3 shows."

Sally Forth: "It's not such a great bargain. Those titles are not selling."

I gasped just as Ishmael comes over with Sally's double X and more hot water for me.

Martha Kelly: "What do you mean they're not selling?"

Sally Forth: "No one wants hardcore features in 2018 or beyond."

Martha Kelly: "What makes you so sure?"

Sally Forth: "Martha, everyone 'above the line' knows since DVD, features went the way of the passenger pigeon."

Martha Kelly: "How?"

Sally Forth: (Sips her coffee) "When things went digital it gave raincoaters the option to click or skip around the menu, undermining any story or plot a feature is tying to weave. RIP narratives."

I take a second to digest all this.

Martha Kelly: "So why did you do the first three pictures!?"

Sally Forth: "Those guys up north, didn't know or care what we did, and despite what Sharp said... those shows needn't make a dime. The nerds were having a ball being porn producers. So why not make plot-laden features? That was Sharp's thing and that's why he hired me."

I'm starting to feel emotional.

Martha Kelly: "I can't see you doing anything but features, I can't see you shooting Gonzo."

I break down somewhat and let it all out.

Martha Kelly: "It just sucks that HardArt couldn't continue, all those shows starting with Rififi that will never be made... it's really maddening!"

Sally's face shows that she appreciates my fervor and imparts:

Sally Forth: "I dig what you're saying Martha, believe me. After four straight days of crying and thinking I've come to the conclusion, that beside you and a very few, no one cares! This is porn in the 21st century, and I'll go as far as saying that the world will little note or long remember the things we say or do today."

I fear she's right.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


HardArt Torpedoed

December 21, 2018 at 12:40

On December 20 feature studio HardArt received very bad news pertaining to their future operations.

Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire was on the scene at Springboard Studio West (SSW) Reporting that COO Jeff Sharp has been informed that the company's funding was going to be cut off by the end of the year.

For those uninformed, HardArt was created earlier this year with capital gains from venture investors in Northern California. After three releases the "four gentleman from Palo Alto" as they were referred to in-house, received unwanted attention in tech circles, so much so that the boards of several companies demanded that the four withdrawal from "the porn world" posthaste.

So the ax fell.

I walked in to headquarters, I noticed right off there was no music playing. I looked around, I didn't see anyone praying for rain but you could've heard a pin drop on the carpet.

I was shown right in.

Sharp was on the phone finishing up a call, hangs up and turns to me.

Jeff Sharp: The party's over.

Martha Kelly: I have no words.

Jeff Sharp: Three months, thats all we have here.

Martha Kelly: What about Rififi?

Jeff Sharp: Gone.

Martha Kelly: Shit. Does she (director Sally Forth) know?

Jeff Sharp: She knows.

There was about 20 seconds of silent between us.

Martha Kelly: What the hell are you going to do?

Jeff Sharp: Not much, they gave us all a nice severance package...

Martha Kelly: But nothing for the new show?

Sharp shakes his head.

Jeff Sharp: They went from shoveling cash on us to nothing. Its a hell of a culture shock!

I texted Sally Forth to see if she wanted to go on the record with this development, surprisingly she agreed and invited me over. I never had been to her place before and on the drive over I wondered if I would see my suspended colleague, Taylor Dupree, who's in hot water for injected himself into the story by seeing Sally on his off-hours.

I arrive at her Studio City apartment on Vineland Ave, not quite "below the boulevard" but still very tony. Sally lets me in. I enter her living room and notice the striking decor. I will call it Tiki Punk. Sally returns to her spot on the sofa directly behind an oversized martini glass (replete with olive). There's a pitcher of the hooch not farther than arms reach. A quick glance around the room, no sign of Taylor. I see her puffy eyes from crying so I decide not to mention him. After declining a drinkie-poo I offer:

Martha Kelly: I am so sorry.

Sally looking straight ahead at nothing.

Sally Forth: It was fun while it lasted.

Martha Kelly: It was so sudden. Weren't you just looking at locations on Sunday?

Sally Forth: We were going to roll for five days starting Jan 3. Those Silicon Valley boys already put a shit-load of doe into that set and it has to come down without even been shot... those nuts laid out $8500 for my birthday last week!

She takes a lady-like sip of her martini and speaks softly, I crane my head to hear better.

Sally Forth: The show was going to be amazing... its really a pity. We were just getting into passing gear with our production crew. This heist picture was going to be something.

Martha Kelly: Any Plans? Or is it too soon?

Sally Forth: I got three months, then I'll need to find a job. Know of anyone in need of a female smut director?

Martha Kelly: All the companies I know have their own production people.

Sally Forth: Those big companies don't dig my stuff anyway.

Martha Kelly: Why do you say that?

Sally Forth: I won't say they're 'square', that may be a micro-aggression, but I'm not their thing.

Another sip.

Sally Forth: I'll tell you what I'm not going to do, I'm not going to stand on the roof of Springboard and wave a bloody shirt over my head.

I didn't say it out loud to her, But I was thinking it.

No that wouldn't do at all.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Sally Forth Celebrates her 26th Birthday

December 8, 2018 at 2:17:18 PM PST

At a hip Hollywood bistro in Sherman Oaks, feature studio HardArt threw their contract director Sally Forth a first-rate wingding Thursday night for her 26th birthday. Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire was invited to the affair.

I arrived early, finding a nice parking spot in front of the place on Ventura Blvd. The guests started filing in around 10 pm, and the back area of the restaurant was sectioned off with screens for the private party.

Inside the crowd finds their corners. Sally takes her place behind what appears to be table one, her back to the wall she begins holding court as only a Sagittarius could. Directly to her left is my colleague Taylor Dupree who was off-duty and is right cozy with the guest of honor. I suppose the rumors are true.

Arriving precisely on time is award-winning director Maestro Claudio with his lovely wife Titziana who provides a touch of class to the joint. Jay Crew and his "crew" were off to the side talking shop in between sorties to the buffet. Steve Nelson was present in his western garb taking full advantage of the delicious chow. HUH!? Is that John Frady in a SUIT!?

Writer Wally Wharton, the industry's answer to Dorothy Parker, is there going around taking names.

The room started out quiet but as the $108.00 bottles of Napa lubrication starting floating around liberally, keeping the waiters and busboys very busy throughout the night, the room volume rose considerably.

HardArt COO Jeff Sharp pops in from what looked like just settling up with the owner, he greets still arriving guests and gives a bro-hug to house attorney Benjamin "Ben" Robbins ESQ who has been on his cel phone since walking thought the front door.

Feathers were ruffled when someone from HardArts circulation department asked Claudio to 'take it easy on the wine' after he spied him drinking out of the bottle. Obviously that poor man doesn't know of the Maestro's penchant for the grape. Things were smoothed out quickly and libations continued at a steady clip.

At the height of the party I count 20-22 people in attendance, counting the gentleman I see standing alone looking out of place I approach him because that's what I do. He introduces himself with a soft English accent and he had a ready calling card extending to me which I took. I strain to read with the low lighting atmosphere of the club; Max Waxmen, Publicist. The number on the card had a Hollywood prefix. Max told me his friends call him Maxy Waxy. I ask him how he came to know HardArt, Maxy says he was invited by Sharp and is only auditing tonights class. He hopes to do a 'spot of business' with the studio in the near future.

I start my decent to the nucleus of this soiree and walk up to the main table looking right at the birthday gal, she spots me and purrs,

Sally Forth: "Hello Martha."

I see instantly she is enjoying the Napa Juice.

Jeff Sharp also at the table upon seeing me blurts out:

Jeff Sharp: "Terrific! The fourth estate, now we need to watch what we say."

I shot back, "Oh Please, Mr. Sharp, speak freely, I'm wearing a wire."

I take a seat at the "roundtable."

As I turn my head, I lock eyes with Taylor for only a half second but in that half second I saw he was embarrassed and guilty at the same time thinking why he's not covering this event. Perhaps letting someone down. Full disclosure: I'd trade places with him. Quick!

Sally Forth: "You know Taylor..."

Martha Kelly: "Yes I've seen him around." Leaning in towards her and switching the subject, "I saw the new trailer."

Sally Forth: "What did ya think?"

Martha Kelly: "I really liked that clock shot."

Right then the waiter brings over the cake, one of those picture cakes with icing ink jets a realistic, edible picture and of course it's the cover of her newest feature, Pokerface. Cover girl Alex More never looked so sweet.

Sally and Taylor squirm when the traditional singing of Happy Birthday commences. Gifts started appearing, Larry, her Post production mate, hands her a package wrapped nicely. A black Tee shirt, what else? It looks like a nice one. Jeff Sharp hands her an unwrapped gift, a CD of one of her favorite punk-rock bands, Chicken Cat. (Sally still listens to CDs I remember reporting.)

After the merriment simmered down I come out point-blank and ask Sally:

Martha Kelly: "Do you think we can sit down and have that in-depth interview soon?"

Sally picking at her "small slice" of cake looks up at me.

Sally Forth, her words marinated in 2014 Merlot: "I tell you what... after this next picture I will sit down with you for the third degree."

Martha Kelly: Right on! "I'm going to hold you to this," gesturing to the others at the table, "I have witnesses."


Teddy Nettleman, 4NOW Newswire's Publisher and Editor, on hearing about his cub-reporter Taylor Dupree "on the town" with a subject of a story, relived him of his reporting duties for the Newswire effective immediately.

Citing the unwritten rule about fraternizing with a story subject Mr Nettleman announced, "I don't care if he's fucking the elephants, he's not covering the circus!"

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.

Teddy Nettleman started 4NOW Newswire in 2015 to provide an insiders look at the Southern California X-Rated Industry. Teddy comes from the print magazine world. He's originally from Visalia CA.


Pokerface Trailer Released

December 3, 2018 at 2:46:00 PM

The trailer for HardArt's third feature is out. Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire stopped by Springboard Studios West (SSW) to view and talk with HardArt COO Jeff Sharp who keep me waiting for 11 mins.

When I made it inside the office his computer screen is already turned out so I can view the trailer. He hits play and I liked what I saw, Director Sally Forth really has an eye for visuals and editing (Larry, HardArts tech guru has credit coming too). I congratulated Sharp on the trailer.

Taylor Dupree: Good stuff.

Jeff Sharp: Thanks.

Taylor Dupree: Nice turnaround as well.

Jeff Sharp: They all should be like this one, put up some reasonable guardrails and stay in the lane...

Note: Sharp is referring to the last feature Sexual Harassment which was 2 months late and way over budget.

Taylor Dupree: It only makes sense... what's going on with the heist picture?

Jeff Sharp: I was hoping you could tell me.

I'm sure I don't know whats he's talking about.

Jeff Sharp" Sources tell me you've been 'hanging out' lately with Sally.

I wasn't expecting that, I mumble something about a project I'm working on for the site.

Jeff Sharp: (Cuts me off) Just don't screw around with her mind, I need her tip-top for this new show.

My shadow is looking for the exit.

Jeff Sharp: Do me a favor, if you see her before she checks in with me, ask her how's the script is coming, can you do that?

I pop up like a solder and before my beeline, I say:

Taylor Dupree: Will do, Mr. Sharp and thanks for your time.

I Turn on my heel and march when I approach the threshold I look back.

Taylor Dupree: I liked the trailer.

Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.

Sexual Harassment


Pokerface Artwork Revealed

November 30, 2018, 11:17

The poster for HardArt's third release, Pokerface was unveiled Thursday at Springboard Studios West (SSW), Martha Kelly reporting for 4NOW Newswire was in attendance.

I glance around the room, there's the HardArt regulars and, no surprise, director Sally Forth is nowhere to be seen. COO Jeff Sharp pulled the cord dropping the shroud revealing the poster for the first time.

Sharp parrotlike repeats the same phase from the last time, "There it is... Take it!"

I must admit the room didn't feel the same as it did with the unveiling of Sexual Harassment two months ago. I walk up to the easel holding the one sheet for a closer look. The soft core poster is ok, I guess. Alex More looks great on it but somethings missing.

I approach Jeff Sharp who is by the cheese tray, and I come right out with it.

Martha Kelly: Whats with the soft cover?

Teetotaler Sharp is sipping something I believe is pineapple juice.

Jeff Sharp: She [Sally Forth] wanted to give Pokerface an exploitative treatment naturally. But I wanted to play it cool and do something not too shocking. I'm trying to get more of the bigger companies involved.

Martha Kelly: Involved how?

Jeff Sharp: I would like to see HardArt recognized by the Industry leaders. Hopefully some of what they got may rub off on us.

Martha Kelly: I see. What's Next?

Jeff Sharp: Sally wants to do that heist picture, Rafifi,

Martha Kelly: The show for her half of the deal right?

[Note: Director Sally Forth and HardArt have an agreement where she directed Pokerface for the company and gets to do her show next.]

Jeff Sharp: Thats right. I green-lit it Monday.

Martha Kelly: Holy Shit! Can't wait.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.

Sexual Harassment


HardArt's Poker Pix in Can

November 25, 2018, 5:46:25 PM

Director Sally Forth has just completed the reboot of the feature Pokerface her third effort with HardArt. Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire was on the scene with COO Jeff Sharp at his Springboard Studios West (SSW) office to get the latest on Pokerface.

Jeff Sharp: The shoot went well thank goodness. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, she [Sally Forth] stayed on time and on budget this time around.

Martha Kelly: Have you seen any of the footage?

Jeff Sharp: No, not personally, but Larry is at Top Sound and said everything was A-OK. The art department has the images and are working on the poster as I'm talking to you.

(Black Friday) -- Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire is on the scene in Northridge in the parking lot of Top Sound, talking to the director of the re-boot, Sally Forth, who looks very yummy with her fresh side shave, tight leather pants, cocksucker-red lipstick, and a faded Misfits tee shirt.

I start off telling her:

Taylor Dupree: You're in one piece!

Forth rolls her eyes. I apologize for the bad joke and ask her how it went.

Taylor Dupree: How did it go?

Sally Forth: Good. Who thought Alex More could act so good? Claudio was excellent as the villain, the Maestro plays a villain very well.

Taylor Dupree: Anything you can tell me... something behind the scenes... something...

Sally is wise and shoots me that glare of hers.

Sally Forth: You want dirt Taylor? Ya want to hear all about the off camera suck jobs, huh?

That took me aback so I come clean.

Taylor Dupree: Well... it does drives traffic and brings clicks to the site...

Sally Forth: You're out of luck with this picture. Sure there were endless poker game set-ups with each needing different extras as card players, that was somewhat trying. Nothing is easy! But we rolled right though it, 10-11 hours and we made each day.

Taylor Dupree: How many days on this show?

Sally Forth: Four full days and I need to ask HQ for a pick up or two.

Sally sees I'm dejected. I tell her I was hoping for a scoop or a juicy nugget. I also voiced my complaint about her notoriously ridged closed sets.

Forth thinks for a couple of beats.

Sally Forth: Maybe on the next show you may visit the set.

I lit up.

Sally Forth: If you want that nugget, print Jeff Sharp is a cross-dresser.

I think I blushed.

Taylor Dupree: Huh? Really?

Sally Forth: Naw, but don't let that stop you.

I told her I'll pass on her suggestion and pivoted back to the re-boot.

Taylor Dupree: When do you think you'll have a trailer?

Before she could answer Larry pops his head out of the studio door letting Sally know the encoding is finished and they can begin the edit. She gets up to go inside she looks back at me.

Sally Forth: Come around in a few days and we'll see.

I didn't say it out loud but I was thinking it.

How could I stay away?

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.

Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


HardArt Releases Official Sexual Harassment Trailer

November 12, 2018 at 7:49

With little fanfare the trailer to Sexual Harassment is out

4NOW Newswire Martha Kelly reporting from Springboard Studio West (SSW) has just came from viewing it. I tell HardArt COO Jeff Sharp "It's good, it tells the story well. I've seen the full show on DVD so the impact is diluted some". I add, Why did it the trailer take so long to be released?

Jeff Sharp: There was some confusion a couple of months ago with...

Martha Kelly: "Ahhh yes, the Proto-Trailer - or the trailer that 'dares not speak its name.' (HardArt's choice to release a clip of the show and call it a "proto" trailer drew industry snickers.)"

Jeff Sharp: [serious deadpan] "We don't mention it."

Martha Kelly: "Then we won't. Sexual Harassment streets next week, what does that mean to you and for this company?"

Jeff Sharp: "Well the production wasn't pretty or clockwork, however, at the risk of using a platitude, we all at HardArt are very please with the picture as well as this trailer. I believe Sally [director Sally Forth] bit off more than she could chew during the shoot, but somehow managed to get it down. Having said all that I'm happy to see Sexual Harassment in the rear view mirror."

Martha Kelly: Production is hard, huh.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


Poker Pix Ready to Shoot

November 11, 2018 5:45

HardArt's next feature, the remake of Pokerface, is ready for blast-off. Casting is being finalized as this report is being written. Director Sally Forth has turned in her completed script and is awaiting the budget check.

Taylor Dupree from 4NOW Newswire has the skinny. The show is set! The plan is that its all shot and 'in the can' by Thanksgiving. Maestro Claudio has agreed to reprise his role as the feature's antaganious. Claudio will again don a Fez and play international gambler, Claudio Farrook as he did 20 years ago for Sin City.

We tried to reach the Maestro for a commit but was informed he was evacuated due to the Woolsey fire.

Sally Forth stated by email:

Yes I finished the script.
Yes I switched the male lead for a female sexual dynamo who can handle the 3 dimensional dialog.
Yes I hired professional card dealers to authenticate things during the high-tension, high-staked stud poker games peppered throughout the show.

Sally closes with asking me to wish her luck with this next shoot.

Sally I wish you all the luck in the world.

About Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


HardArt is All In With Poker Pix

November 2, 2018 at 12:40 PM PDT

Coming hot off their newest feature Sexual Harassment, HardArt is embarking on its third title called "Pokerface," a reboot of an earlier Sin City effort 20 years ago, that may or may not have been directed by Buck Adams.

4NOW Newswire has duel coverage on the developments:

Martha Kelly is at Springboard Studio West (SSW) in Chatsworth in Jeff Sharp's office.

Martha Kelly: "How did you get [director] Sally Forth to commit to Pokerface?"

Jeff Sharp: "It wasn't easy, but a colleague of yours suggested I use the 'one show for me, one show for you' ploy and she took the bait."

Martha Kelly: "That's an odd way to put it."

Jeff Sharp: "Look, she'll get to do her French heist show right after."

Sally Forth: "Is Sally writing the script?"

Jeff Sharp: "Of course! She'll get right on it after she finishes the official trailer for Sexual Harassment. She's working on that now."

Taylor Dupree is at Top Sound in Northridge and has Deja Vu checking in on Sally Forth.

I was here 5 weeks ago to the day with Sally as she was recovering from her grueling shoot. I enter edit bay #1. I see nothing has changed. Sally is still stretched out on the infamous zebra couch with a can of diet coke attached to her non-pointing hand, still shouting out edits and orders to Larry, the long-suffering editor at Top Sound. Sally sees me and motions for me to take a chair.

Sally Forth: "...the first take was better Larry..."

Larry makes the switch. Sally turns to me.

Sally Forth: "We got to stop meeting like this."

Taylor Dupree: "How's things?"

Sally Forth: "Comme ce' comme ca' [draws last sip of her coke]. I'm guessing you're here to ask about the poker picture?"

Taylor Dupree: "And this trailer... anything you can show me?"

She shoots me a look.

Sally Forth: "The ancient Greeks said, Never show a fool unfinished work.... I'm not calling you a fool Taylor..."

Taylor Dupree: "I see... I'll wait with the other mortals. What do you know about poker?"

Sally Forth: "Three of a kind beats two pairs. As you know this 'reboot' wasn't my idea. One of the Silicon Valley sugar daddies used to jerk-off to the original, so it means something to him."

Taylor Dupree: "Like revisiting an old lost toy."

Sally Forth: "That's deeper than I wanted to explore, but something like that. So here we are. I'll be putting pen to paper very soon. Do you know where I can get a Fez?"

Larry gets up when he hears the lunch truck outside and asks if we wanted anything. Sally lifts up her empty silver can indicating she'll do another Diet Cole. I politely decline.

Taylor Dupree: "So will this be a shot-by-shot remake?"

Sally Forth: "First of all the boys at HardArt want it called a 'ReBoot!'"

She laughs with that remark, and laughter is at a premium with Ms. Forth.

Sally Forth: "The company can't find the original lead, so I'll need to improvise."

Taylor Dupree: "No Don Hart, huh? Maybe you could insert a female lead in his place."

Sally Forth: "I'm way ahead of you, she purrs."

About Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


What's next for Sally?

October 21, 2018 at 2:05:05 PM PDT

Now that HardArt's newest feature Sexual Harassment ships November 11, the question now turns to the studio's next project. Taylor Dupree of 4NOW Newswire caught up with COO Jeff Sharp in his Springboard Studios West (SSW) office in Chatsworth.

Jeff Sharp: "Everyone seems to be pleased with Sexual Harassment, she [director Sally Forth] took her sweet time, however, what she delivered is nothing short of a flawed masterpiece."

I was puzzled.

Taylor Dupree: "Why flawed?"

Jeff Sharp: "She really let me have it for not letting her finish Sexual Harassment the way she wanted..."

Taylor Dupree: "She has final cut still?"

Jeff Sharp: "She wanted to keep shooting and that meant going way over budget."

Taylor Dupree: "Wait - More footage?"

Jeff Sharp: "Look, this is all company business but I want to clear the air so this is all on the record."

Taylor Dupree: "How upset was she?"

Jeff Sharp: "We had to paint the room after she was done with her mini-tantrum. What these millennials don't understand or care is that things cost, and theres a number we need to stay under."

I change the subject and ask about HardArt's next project.

Jeff Sharp: "That's where we are now. Sally has been bugging me to do a heist picture but then I get an email the day after the screening from one of the 'Four Gentlemen from Palo Alto.' He asks about doing a re-boot, since they're all the rage these days, There's an older feature he remembers when he was younger called, 'Pokerface.'"

I think. I remember a film called "Pokerface."

Taylor Dupree: "Poker movie with Mike Horner from Sin City, right?"

Jeff Sharp looked genuinely impressed.

Jeff Sharp: "Very good. [he chuckles] Probably made by one of their roster of interchangeable directors then, Charley Biggs or Buck Adams."

Taylor Dupree: "Is the re-boot script written?"

Jeff Sharp : "That's just it, she wants to do Riffi and one of the studio's money guys want to recast Mike Horner in a..."

He catches himself.

Jeff Sharp: "Well... he merely SUGGESTED we do... but I know which side of my bread is buttered."

Sharp presses his intercom switch on his desk tells his secretary Terry:

Jeff Sharp: "Terry, find me Mike Horner."

Terry on other end: "Right away Mr. Sharp."

I thought I'd offer up an unsolicited suggestion.

Taylor Dupree: "Well what you could do is tell her to do a 'one show for the house, and one for me agreement.' Let her do a studio-approved commercial show. After that the studio gives her the ok to let her take her hair down for the second one. I heard this IS being done in the Hollywood independent scene."

Sharp thinks for a couple of beats.

Jeff Sharp: "Not a bad idea and maybe worth a try," he leans back in his chair, "I can hear her now saying she wants to do her show first."

Taylor Dupree: "Natch."

About Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.

Sexual Harassment Has World Premiere

October 14, 2018

HardArt had its first viewing of the company's newest feature Sexual Harassment on Saturday night. Martha Kelly of 4NOW Newswire was in attendance in the Lindbergh Room at the Van Nuys Air-Tel. The screening had mainly the cast and crew, some friends and a few hanger ons. There was a better than average spend and a full bar where the drinks were on HardArt that night. Maestro Claudio came with his wife, editor par-excellence Titziana. Co-director Jay Crew was off to the side talking up a couple of starlets. Invited guest Dr Keera J. Ashton PHD a professor of human sexuality at University of Edinburgh is in town for a symposium was also there.

In the middle of the room, Larry, HardArt's IT guy is setting up the video projector and is having a hard time getting the pull-up screen to cooperate. Director Sally Forth finally arrivers and looks stunning in a back leather jacket, strategically ripped tight jeans and half a tube of gel in her hair. She's instantly acknowledged. I overhear that COO Jeff Sharp is stuck in traffic and he has the thumb drive with the feature on it.

All eyes then turn to industry writer Wally Wharton, as she makes her way inside the Lindbergh Room sauntering in like Rita Hayworth, dragging her full length ermine coat on the floor behind her as she traverses across the room. She belles up to the bar and orders up a white wine.

AINews editor Steve Nelson was there and has the enviable job of writing about the film and appearing in it as well. Suddenly Jeff Sharp bursts in the room out of breath and hands what I believe is the hard-drive to Larry.

I see my chance to buttonhole Sally when Larry turns off the house lights, so I take my seat.

A hundred and four minutes later the lights come back on and there's mostly smiles, the crew patting each other on the back. The feature is fantastic I must say. Interestingly I see Sally isn't smiling. I figure I'll grab as many opinions as I can with the crowd filing out. First as he's walking out I ask Maestro Claudio what he thought of the picture, "Its better than her last show. Brava." Indeed, I think to myself.

I approach the good Dr Ashton from the UK and I ask what she thought of the feature. Dr Ashton says. "This film really kicks you in the gut, an epic journey though the bowels of Hollywood, it reflects the times better than anything I've seen." I thank her and rush over to Jay Crew for a comment. "It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work!" I must admit when Jay was talking I kept one eye peeled for Sally lest she leaves and I don't get her take. From the corner of my eye I see her handing the valet her receipt to get her car. I race off toward her, regretfully cutting off Jay in mid sound bite. I approach her as she's waiting for her jeep, she sees me and by her face recognizes me, before I get a word out"

Sally Forth: Hello Martha.

Martha Kelly: Great show. (I returned)

Sally Forth: Thanks.

There was a semblance of a smile in that.

Martha Kelly: You told me you weren't a neorealist, what I saw in there was neorealism.

Sally Forth: I wasn't even going for that, but now you mention it, may be.

A well wisher interrupts for a few seconds, I see the valet bringing her jeep around so I quickly push a couple more questions.

Martha Kelly: I'd like to do a full interview with you at your connivence.

Sally Forth: You'd need to talk to Sharp about that, but he'll say no.

I look and Sally is holding a ready five dollar bill about to grease Carlo the valet and I'm thinking, I need something/anything from her that I can turn in, so I blurt out:

Martha Kelly: Ms Forth It must be awesome to have a platform like this to tell your stories with your own vision.

Carlo got the fiver and Sally hoists herself into her jeep she turns to me and says.

Sally Forth: "Ain't we got fun?".

I stand there watching her drive off until she turns and disappears down Sherman Way.

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.

Sexual Harassment


Sexual Harassment Crosses the Finish Line

October 2, 2018

HardArt's much anticipated Hollywood bombshell Sexual Harassment is finally posted and headed to the DVD replicator. Taylor Dupree from 4NOW Newswire was late getting to Top Sound and was told director Sally Forth just left, emerging from the edit studio after not seeing the sun in four days she beelined it to (believe it or not) Del Taco for a celebratory meal. I figured I'd wait for her in the front parking lot to ask Sally what took so long with cutting this picture.

While waiting I dialed HardArt COO Jeff Sharp at his Springboard Studio West (SSW) office and was pleasantly surprised I was put right though, Sharp said he was delighted with the feature's completion, when I pressed him on why the edit took so long, he explained, "It was a daunting edit for sure and it was Sally's first Super 4K shoot and used a brand new 4K edit system that she had to learn on the fly. At one point after numerous setbacks she had to throw on her deerstalker and embark on. The Case of the Crashing Computer. The mystery was never solved and Sally finished the show one act at a time."

Sharp then brought the call to an end, "Gotta go, Skippy just brought in the master," and added, "If your waiting for Sally, she's probably not going back to Top Sound." I thanked him for his time.

As I hung up it struck me, he's right, why would she.

About Taylor Dupree: Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.

Sexual Harassment


HardArt Reveals Artwork for Sexual Harassment

September 23, 2018 at 3:57pm

There it is, take it! Jeff Sharp implores on a rare Sunday meeting at Springboard Studio West (SSW) at the unveiling of the awaited poster for the just completed feature, Sexual Harassment.

Martha Kelly from 4Now Newswire was in attendance in Sharp's office. HardArt mucky-mucks filled out the crowd. No sign of director Sally Forth. Corks were popped and red plastic cups were being filled with the real McCoy or sparkling apple cider. When Sharp pulled the cord dropping the veil off the easel holding a standard size poster, a collective gasp was palpable coupled with affirmative murmur. It is a stunning piece, actually transcending.

COO Sharp was in good sprits despite only drinking the apple cider.

Sharp spoke of the nuances of James Bartholet's performance of Hollywood villain Herb Weinstock which he played with major harassment of the most sexual kind that the role demanded.

OK, so far so good, then Sharp's attempt at humor falls flat, Sharp yells out to no one in particular, Bartholet stole the film and they want it back! Martha Kelly quipped, I was waiting for a shoe to sail pass his head. He rebounds when he announcers that James pulled some strings and landed Superstar Misty Stone to sing the title song, Sexual Harassment Blues. The company's rank and file seem really pleased with that news evinced by high fives.

The wing-ding started to get a wee too cozy when I sidled up to Jeff Sharp next to the cheese trays and ask, "Where's Sally?" He throws a cracker in his month and tells me she's camped out at Top Sound. He adds, "I had her mail forwarded there till she delivers the completed picture."

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.

Sexual Harassment


Six days, Jazzing thru Paradise

September 20, 2018 1:00pm

HardArt has completed its sophomore effort, the full length feature entitled, Sexual Harassment, about a timely and topical subject. Taylor Dupree of 4Now News Wire went to Top Sound to find a recovering director Sally Forth. Upon entering the studio I saw Sally Forth stretched out on the infamous zebra couch popping Ibuprofen and sipping tea, she's watching the rushes on a big screen monitor mounted conveniently on the wall in front of her. I saw her feet were propped up slightly, she saw I noticed. Sally informs me that the last 2 days of the shoot she couldn't feel her feet, "My poor little puppies were so swollen I could barely take off my Doc Martins." Sally shouts out an instruction to Larry the editor, then scribbles a line on her clipboard holding her notes.

I cut in and ask, How did the six days go? Sally takes a sip on her tea and responds,"Nikki Snow was remarkable as Lucille. She was a last minute decision and I'm glad I made it. We also found a total newcomer and gave her a shot, a hot Latina spitfire named Claudia Foxx..." She then points to the screen and says, "That's her there." I crane my head to see a very attractive older Latina sucking on a monster black cock. After about fifteen to twenty-seconds I force my attention back to the interview. What went down in the restaurant location?

Sally tells Larry to pause the roll and imparts, "We shot in the morning 'cuz the place doesn't open 'till 11am, we got a late start, and we're still shooting when the lunch crowd [is] starting to sit themselves. From the corner of my eye I saw the owner approach Sharp and love wasn't in his heart, before the owner got a word out, Sharp snaps at him, 'Not now Vito the owner is on my ass!' and walked away. Taylor follows up, Did you get everything you needed there? Sally sighs, "I wanted a better master and some cutaways would've been nice, but we got the scene." She shifts her battered body and grunts.

Far from me calling Sally Forth a tenderfoot, but seems to me that her production calluses are still in development. I take the plunge to ask the about the 'proto' trailer. (HartArt released a trailer while Sally was in mid-shoot.) What is with the proto trailer? And I brace myself. Sally makes a final adjustment on the couch.

Sally Forth: It wasn't my idea, but why do you ask?

Taylor Dupree: It's not being well received.

Forth: Really? (She looks generally surprised.)

Dupree: Some people complained.

Forth: About what exactly?

Dupree: They maybe didn't get it. I add, they may have wanted some hardcore mixed in it... They... Who's asking the questions here?

She turns her head to the screen and tells Larry to hit 'play' and takes a sip of her jasmine, she thinks for a few beats watching her footage, then purrs. "It's fun to measure people's limitations."

Jeff Sharp didn't respond to our calls before post time.

About Taylor Dupree

Taylor went to LACC for 3 years for broadcasting and communications, interned at public radio station KBLT in Burbank. He's originally from Denver CO.


First Glimpse of Sexual Harassment

September 14, 2018 02:15pm

HardArt Studios just release a "Proto-trailer" of it's still-in-production feature, Sexual Harassment.

Martha Kelly of 4Now Newswire was outside of Springboard Studios West (SSW) caught up with a harried Jeff Sharp, as he was handing a production assistant an American Express black card. The PA took the card like the last person in a relay race and he was gone.

Jeff Sharp sharply states. "This is a hell of a time. I got to feed a full cast and crew." Pressed on what and why a proto-trailer, Sharp looks at his watch and continues, "Larry, our computer and web guy, launched the trailer this morning. It's on the HardArt website right now. Sally had written a little scene in the film I thought was cute, so it was arranged to shoot that on the first day, then the footage was couriered to Top Sound in Northridge..." Martha cuts him off, "But what is a 'proto' trailer?" Sharp says, "SHE thought of it, its from the greek, ya know..."

Martha changes the subject to the shoot at hand, "I'm hearing these shooting days are crazy." Sharp responds, "She's on her fourth 16 hour day in a row, we knock off at 16 so the 'four gentlemen from Palo Alto' won't have to pay the crew 'time and a half' the following day."

Asked if there's any way to have a chat with the director, Sharp explains "Probably not, last time I saw her she was in her trailer with a gun to her head." Martha recoils, "Huh? Is that true!?" "Naw, she doesn't have a trailer."

About Martha Kelly

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


HardArt Films

Sexual Harassment Runs Rampant at HardArt!

September 9, 2018 11:00pm

Script approval has been granted for HardArt's next feature entitled, "Sexual Harassment." Martha Kelly from 4Now Newswire spoke with COO Jeff Sharp late Friday about this whirlwind of activity at the studio.

"We're moving fast. This is a hot topic and we're looking for an October release." Pressed for any script details Sharp says, "Its a nice piece of writing, I read the whole thing twice and its very ambitious. What got me is she divided the story into 3 acts, theatrical-like".

The "she" Sharp is referring to is director Sally Forth who joked by email that 2 days into writing Sexual Harassment she had to go to the store for Ben Gay for her writing hand.

Sally: (Seemed jubilant.) It's pretty cool they [HardArt] went for it, I'm really going to go to town on this piece of shit Herb Weinstock!

Martha Kelly: That's the guy who was busted, but not charged, putting you in hot water?

Sally: Yeah.

Martha Kelly: What are your plans with him?

Sally: HardArt is allowing me to use both of my knees at once to his balls!

Martha Kelly: Wow, grudge cinema, I like it!

Sally: Yeah, it came together rather quickly and easily, but I'm going to need every bit of six long days to totally nail it.

Martha Kelly: That sounds like a lot.

Sally: In today's world it is.

Martha Kelly: What's next? Casting?

Sally: You know it. I need a strong female lead to handle Lucille, and I don't have one in my back pocket.

Martha Kelly: Any Ideas?

Sally: Looking into it now.

Martha Kelly: Thank you for your time and good luck.

About Martha Kelly

Martha Kelly worked for 5 years at the now defunct Valley Voice. In 2011 she graduated from the James McCann School of Journalism at Chapmen University in Orange County where she grew up.


HardArt Films

Stop the presses! HardArt has next project!

September 4, 2018 8:00pm

After the big brouhaha with the LA Sheriffs, which is still being sorted out, thankfully director Sally Forth is so far still free from county arms. The case is on-going and attorney Ben Robbins Esq. has put a lid on discussing things.

An emergency meeting was called for Monday, Labor Day, with only COO Jeff Sharp, Sally Forth and Jay Crew in attendance. On Tuesday, 4Now NewsWire was outside Springboard Studio West (SSW) and asked Sharp as he was leaving his office what took place in the meeting.

As Sharp was getting into his car he asserted, "Sally feels strongly about the case of some nameless mogul getting his abusive kicks with a young model/actress at the Hotel Newcastle and she declared she wants to do the definitive film dealing with the sexual harassment called, naturally, 'Sexual Harassment.' I bounced the idea off the Four Gentlemen from Palo Alto and they seemed unconcerned, so consider that show green-lit providing she [Forth] can stay out of the pokey. I expect a rough shooting script on my desk Friday morning and she [Forth] knows it!" Sharp concluded, "And if I tell you any more, Ben is going to chew my butt off." And he shut his car door and backed out of his parking space.

4Now tried contacting Sally Forth on all of her devices and struck out. It's a safe bet she's plugging away on her keyboard as this missive is being typed up as well.


HardArt Films

Sally Forth Wanted by Sheriff

September 3, 2018 12:01am

Sally Forth is Wanted! by Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.

Fledging hardcore director Sally Forth could be at least questioned by the West Hollywood Sheriff Division and according to HardArt COO Jeff Sharp, "They can arrest her if things don't break her way."

Ripped from the headlines! "Allegedly, last Thursday there was yet another top Hollywood mogul from a major studio taken in for questioning about an incident involving sexual abuse at the just opened Hotel Newcastle in Beverly Hills."

Sharp continues, "Somehow Sally had gotten hold of this mogul's mug shots and posted them online! The Sheriffs say their data base was hacked and the images in question were never submitted for public record and were downloaded from the sheriff's server..." Law enforcement traced the hack to Sally with her HardArt email. Sharp got the call because she uploaded the images on the company/HardArt's server.

Pressed for clarification HardArt lawyers told him, "The less said, the better... and they told the already laconic Sally Forth to speak even less." (Fat Chance.)

I had questions for HardArt's attorney, Benjamin "Ben" Robbins Esq.: "What about the Sheriff? Law enforcement? Isn't that all part of the public? Why is it forbidden?"

"They'll give you permission to use things after they get a freedom of information request, and that'll take up to 30, 60, 90 days."

The counselor expands: "We found out that right before the Sheriffs were going to charge the accused studio head, his victim got cold feet and wouldn't press charges, so they had to release him. He was never formally arrested. Now since the mug shots are out there, the mogul can sue everyone involved at least twice! And I wouldn't blame him at all."

"So let me get this straight, HardArt is in deep shit cuz the cops didn't bust this scumbag?"

"I wouldn't use that terminology in a court of law, but, yes, more or less, and the victim's refusal to press charges didn't help either."

Geeez! If things weren't so dire there world be a movie in all this!


HardArt Films

HardArt Lauches Website

September 3, 2018 12:00am

Monday, September 3, feature studio HardArt releases its eponym website HardArtFilms.com. COO Jeff Sharp says, "It's up and running and we feel this was a big step! We're a little behind on things. I knew film production was tough but I'm really getting a brutal eduction, these things don't make themselves!"

Asked about the new HardArt website Sharp continues, "There are pages devoted to how HardArt was founded, theres a bio for contract director Sally Forth, and a page for the latest occurrences at the fledgling studio."

In fact they are leading off with a bombshell of a tasty scandal that's brewing as this release is being typed. Follow the link to HardArtFilms.com.

Pulse Distribution has a limited stock of current HardArt product. Retailers interested in stocking HardArt's product please contact Pulse Distribution at this email and phone number: Hyland@PulseDistribution.com 818-435-1615, or Jeff Sharp at Jeff@HardArtFilms.com.


HardArt Films

HardArt Rejects Director Sally Forth

August 21, 2018 12:46pm

Sally Forth's sophomore script has been shot down by her base studio, HardArt. The director wanted to do a hardcore remake of cult film El Topo. On Friday the studio slammed on the production brakes.

COO Jeff Sharp shouted into the phone, "Absolutely Not! I know the film she wants to parody, I may still have it on VHS and I remember that film taking place in the desert, and I'm not going to allow Sally to march a caravan into Death Valley in September! It's a bad recipe! She needs to look at a calendar when coming up with plots!" Then he hung up on us.

When we asked Forth about the obvious logistical challenges of shooting in Death Valley in the dog days of summer, she meekly replied, "I really never even thought of that - it does get hot out there. Aside from the desert thing, I don't think they [HardArt] were really down with the idea. A girl can tell, ya know? I guess it's back to one."

Sally's reboot of El Topo was to be the first release from her newly acquired three picture deal with HartArt.

Forth offers an explanation and continues with, "It was going to be an ass-kicking show with a female lead... I had it just about all worked out in my head. It was really going to be something!"

Pulse Distribution still has a limited stock of current HardArt product. Retailers interested in stocking HardArt's product please contact Pulse Distribution at this email and phone number: Hyland@PulseDistribution.com 818-435-1615, or Jeff Sharp at Jeff@HardArtFilms.com.


HardArt Films

HardArt 3 Pic Deal

August 13, 2018 01:13am

HardArt is elated with Sally Forth's "Hypersexuals" , and has given the film school grad a three picture commitment for upcoming features.

COO Jeff Sharp says, "This is the logical next step. We want to lock up her talents for a period. Sally is a smart, young, hungry, millennial and HardArt believes youth must be served. We are perfectly happy to let her carry out her vision."

Sally responded to the agreement sarcastically by email with, "They Like me! They really like me!" But what they are really saying is if I can color inside the lines they want me to toe, I can do my thing" Gee Thanks... Some gratitude huh lol?" [sic]

Asked about breaking the seal on the first project's details Forth mused, "I figure I will be putting pen to paper soon, But I've been thinking about an idea I want to bounce off the boys upstairs, a really sweet tearjerker... that they may or may not go for."

Unable to determine if her second comment was sarcastic as well, but rest assured information will be reported as soon as it's received.

In the meantime, Pulse Distribution has a limited stock of current HardArt product. Retailers interested in stocking HardArt's product please contact Pulse Distribution at this email and phone number: Hyland@PulseDistribution.com 818-435-1615, or Jeff Sharp at Jeff@HardArtFilms.com.


HardArt Films

HardArt's Hypersexuals a Success!

August 06, 2018 03:00am

HardArt's "Hypersexuals" completed and the Brass digs it! First time director Sally Forth comes out smelling like a rose after the honchos at HardArt screen her just completed effort, "Hypersexuals".

COO Jeff Sharp chuckles, "There was never any doubt with Sally, wink wink, but seriously, you don't know till ya know. You roll the die and hope for the best, and this time we hit. "Hypersexuals" is a cool little show especially for a first timer. Very cool vibe and ALL genatellia was very wet throughout. I checked twice." [sic]

"I don't know what the big deal was honestly," Sally Forth said by email, "...it was a remarkably smooth shoot. Jeff gets bent out of shape because of the second-unit stuff, and I told them all about it beforehand." Forth admits she may have reached too deep in her bag of tricks right out of the gate with the unconventional structure on this one.

When asked about her immediate plans, Forth says, "Lots of sleep in my own bed. I was sleeping on that zebra sofa at Top Sound for the better part of the last 5 days." Pressed about her next project, Sally refers me to Sharp and signs off.

As this PR is being written "Hypersexuals"' first review is coming in; Last sentence: "Palpable hardcore, exciting filming, "Hypersexuals" shows there's more than one way to tell a sex story."

Retailers contact Pulse Distribution to order "Hypersexuals" at Hyland@PulseDistribution.com by email and phone at 818-435-1615.


HardArt Films

HardArt's Hypersexuals!

July 31, 2018 03:00am

HardArt is in production on their inaugural release directed by newcomer Sally Forth. "They shot all last weekend and I was told the footage was being edited at Top Sound in the San Fernando Valley," says COO Jeff Sharp.

Things aren't what they seem though, and they may have to re-shoot! When asked what's going on Sharp explains, "Hey look, I understand, in the simplest terms, you shoot a video and then the editor edits, puts credit titles on the end and its done! Now our director informs us she needs to complete the edit and then - and ONLY then - she can finish shooting the show! I never came across this method nor has anyone else I've spoke with." [sic]

HardArt's first release will be called " "Hypersexuals"" and will hopefully hit the street without reshooting.

"Sally tells me she still has shooting funds left. She also said, this procedure was designed and budgeted for the wraparound." Sharp concludes, "So I can't bitch too much but it screams of reshooting, and that makes me nervous. Our agreement was that we leave her alone, so that's what we're dong. Time will tell. The art work is hot off the press and we're very pleased with it."

From what Sharp says I'm thinking we may be watching a company burn out before it's first release. I hope Pulse isn't holding the bag for "Hypersexuals"! And I hope Sharp approves this press release!

Retailers interested in stocking HardArt's "Hypersexuals", if and whenever it gets to their shelves, please contact Pulse Distribution here:


HardArt Films

HardArt Shoots First

July 23, 2018 03:00am

HardArt shoots first, asks questions later - gives the green light to their first release, " "Hypersexuals""

HardArt green lights their first release, " "Hypersexuals"," a perverse sexual drama with a documentary flavor.

"Things are moving fast," says HardArt's COO Jeff Sharp, "we just signed Cal-Arts grad Sally Forth to a test show, the script is written and ready."

When pressed why he thinks a novice like Sally Forth, coming fresh off the street, can handle a big budget feature, Sharp opines, "First of all it's not a big budget feature, 'economical' is a better word. Also my salesman Hyland C told me to get her an experienced crew to insulate things and help keep on time and budget, so that's what we did!" Casting is finished the last I heard. Very exciting! This weekend its "lights, camera, action!"

Retailers interested in stocking HardArt titles please contact Hyland C. at Hyland@PulseDistribution.com and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD Sales Representative.


HardArt Films

HardArt Signs Director

July 16, 2018 12:00am

HardArt New upstart studio HardArt has signed Cal-Art film grad Sally Forth to direct a feature for the Studio's first release. COO Jeff Sharp explained, "It's a Look-and-See deal; if she can deliver a quality show we can talk about other projects."

Good timing played an important part in Sally getting noticed. As Sharp states, "We needed a director and she needed a job. Sally recently left Cal-Arts film school last spring and I received a clip she did from a friend. I said, 'Wow!' There wasn't any hardcore, but I thought if someone could harness this energy and blend with hot sex, they'd have something!"

Sharp followed up, got her email, contacted her, and set up lunch meeting at the Lamplighter.

"We talked for an hour. I found out she's a punk rocker and likes chocolate milk shakes. More importantly, I liked the way she thinks. I bit and said, 'OK, lets do one and see.' The meeting was very positive, but not so much for the old Lamplighter. It closed down that same week. I hope it's not an omen," said Sharp pensively.

Retailers interested in stocking HardArt titles please contact Hyland C. at Hyland@PulseDistribution.com and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD Sales Representative.


HardArt Films

Pulse Inks HardArt

July 09, 2018 04:00am

HardArt distributed by Pulse New on the scene production studio HardArt, and distribution giant Pulse, have closed an agreement for eight feature films per year.

COO Jeff Sharp says, "Never in my wildest dreams did I think Pulse would be willing to take a chance on a small studio trying to make a name for itself. I figured you'd need a track record just to land a sit-down with those guys."

Sharp continues, "I got the meeting easily enough but I was prepared to hurl my massive sales-pitch at Hyland C, but he said 'yes' before I got the first word out!"

Hyland said, "I love high-end story line features, and the HardArt idea stood out to me in the sea of gonzo DVDs that are put out in this market."

"Cool," Sharp managed to say, adding "then we shake hands and as I was leaving his office I'm thinking, 'that went well.'"

Retailers interested in stocking HardArt titles please contact Hyland C. at Hyland@PulseDistribution.com and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD Sales Representative.


HardArt Films

New Studio: HardArt

July 02, 2018 06:00am

Giving the limited amount of good hardcore features in the internet age, a new production studio, HardArt, has emerged and promises to revive a time where superior features were once de rigueue du jour of the San Fernando Valley.

"HardArt" is what Jeff Sharp is calling the new studio. Sharp, who is the company's COO, says, "We hope there is still a market for hard-hitting stories with hot sex!"

Sharp, who admits to viewing 100s of classic films on home video, laments, "Are there no Spinellis today? No Henri Pachards or DeRenzys? Why is that?"

When asked about HardArt's initial output, Sharp said, "The company has several projects in various stages of production," and added, "the first release is called, ' "Hypersexuals",' and I can't remember an X-rated feature quite like this one."

Watch for the release of features from HardArt. There's more on the way!


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